Student ONLINE exam instruction sheet

Accessing your exam via Remote Proctor Now (RPNow)

Step 1 Open the RPNow webpage 
Step 2 View the 5 minute instruction video Play Video
Step 3 Download RPNow Software Download Software
Step 4 Review the ‘Remote Proctor Now Instructions’ Instructions
Step 5 Complete the Microphone Check Microphone Check
Step 6 Select your Teacher/Exam Sponsor (Course Coordinator) Select your Teacher/Exam Sponsor
Step 7 Select your Exam Select your Exam
Step 8 Enter your personal details (Name, email, phone number) Personal Details
Step 9 Review the ‘Pre Exam Advisory’ information Pre-exam Advisory
Step 10 Review the UniSA Online Exams Guidelines  Exam Guidelines

Note: If a prohibited program or application is detected by RPNow, at this point of the exam preparation process a notice will be displayed advising you that the prohibited program or application needs to be closed. Click ‘Continue’ for RPNow to close the programs.

Prohibited Processes

Step 11 Review examination rules and conditions

Please carefully note the duration and conditions of the exam, including any materials permitted.

Exam Rules
  Note: The ‘Examination Rules’ page WILL NOT be displayed during the unassessed software familiarisation exercise.
Step 12 Begin the Interview process (record identification and surroundings) Begin Interview

Note: If this does not load properly, click the ‘Reload Page’ button on the top header row.

Reload Page

Step 13 Follow prompts to take a copy of, review and confirm your ID photo Confirm ID
Step 14 Follow prompts to record, review and confirm the Room Scan


  • Floor
  • Desktop
  • Walls
  • Behind you
Scan Environment
Step 15 Follow prompts to take your User Photo  User Photo
Step 16 Moodle will now load on your PC.

A dialogue box will indicate how long you have to log onto Moodle and start your exam before having to start the identification process again.


Start Exam

Step 17 Log into Moodle using your UniSA username and password Login Moodle
Step 18 Navigate to your course homepage, locate and double click on the exam title to open your exam.

You will be prompted to enter a password. YOU DO NOT NEED TO TYPE ANYTHING IN HERE. See next step for instruction.

Locate Course Homepage

Step 19 Click the Insert Exam Password button at the top of the screen. This button will insert the exam password for you.

Insert Exam Password

   Note: If you receive an ‘invalid password’ message, this means that you have navigated to a different exam than you selected when you started the RPNow software. If this happens, you will need to close the software and start again (from step 1).
Step 20 Complete the exam  
Step 21 When you have completed the exam:

a. Click ‘save and submit’
b. Confirm test submission (OK)
c. Review test submission summary.
*You must close the RPNow software to end the recording.
d. Select ‘Close’
e. Select ‘End Exam’
f. Close the web browser

Save and Submit

Test Submission


d.Insert Exam Password

e.End Exam


Note: When you have successfully closed RPNow the following page will be displayed.

Close RPNow

  Note: Once the RPNow software has been installed on your machine, the download process (step 3) will be much quicker.