Transportation Procedures

DATE: September 1995 

AMENDMENTS: March 1996, September 2003, August 2015

REFERENCE AUTHORITY: Director: Facilities Management Unit (or nominee)


  • Motor Vehicle Guidelines
  • Use of Private Vehicle for Business Travel Guideline
  • Travel Guidelines
  • Procedure for allowances

The following procedures are to facilitate the provision of transportation to satisfy the demonstrated business needs of the University. Transportation will be provided by various means to support the functioning of the University for such purposes as field experience, cross campus teaching, research and administration to enable the University to effectively and efficiently satisfy its mission. 

1. University vehicles

1.1    Vehicles will be provided to satisfy as far as possible within the budget the demonstrated business transportation needs of the University as determined from time to time in the University of South Australia Schedule of Vehicles. 

1.2    All such vehicles will be identified on the University Asset Register and are to be made available as pool vehicles for official use by University staff as appropriate unless otherwise determined by the Vice Chancellor or nominee. 

1.3    The University will determine the make and model of vehicle provided in accordance with the demonstrated requirements and arrange for supply. 

1.4    Vehicles are generally retained for three years before replacement and disposal of the vehicle will follow normal University procedures.

1.5    Use of vehicles for business is to be determined by the respective Campus Facilities Manager or their delegate.

1.6    Efficient management of pool vehicles will particularly facilitate more effective access to vehicles for officers who have multi-campus responsibilities.

1.7    Directors of all Schools/Units who manage their own pool vehicle(s) are required to comply with these and other University procedures/guidelines.

2. Transportation needs which cannot be satisfied by use of pool vehicles

2.1    Transportation needs to satisfy the mission of the University which cannot be provided by the use of pool vehicles must be provided by the most cost effective means including the following: 

2.1.1    Passenger services

Bookings must be made through the University's service provider (where applicable) who will schedule use in the most effective manner by including multiple passengers when possible. Preferred methods of payment for passenger travel are via Corporate Credit Card, or CabCharge (which can be obtained from a FM Assist office prior to travel).

2.1.2    Chauffeured or hire vehicles

Use of a chauffeured vehicle is the University's preferred option when a pool vehicle is not available or inappropriate for the travel.

If a chauffeured vehicle is not available or inappropriate for the travel a hire car may be booked.  Approval must be obtained from the Cost Centre Manager prior to travel.

2.1.3    Use of private vehicles

Use of 'private vehicles' for business travel is only permitted where University provided methods of transport (e.g. pool vehicles, chauffeured transport, shuttles) are not available or impracticable.

Claims related to the use of private vehicles may only be approved by the appropriate Cost Centre Manager when none of the above University provided methods of transportation were available or appropriate.  Where a claim will be requested, authorisation must be obtained from the Cost Centre Manager prior to the use of a private vehicle which can only occur if necessary insurance is in place.   Payment for the use of a private vehicle will be in accordance with the University approved reimbursement Schedule and will only be made on completion and approval of the appropriate claim form. 

The University does not insure private vehicles on University business unless appropriate approval is obtained in advance and in writing from your Cost Centre Manager.

Please refer to the conditions related to the Use of Private Vehicles for Business Travel guidelines.

3. Use of vehicles in the University vehicle fleet

3.1    Vehicles provided to satisfy the specified transportation needs of the University may be assigned to senior staff members for personal use. Such vehicles may be assigned as a salary benefit as part of the officer's conditions of service or directly with the approval of the Vice Chancellor or in the case of the Vice Chancellor by the Chancellor, under such terms as are agreed. 

3.1.1    It should be noted that the duties of these staff require the use of vehicles for official purposes.

3.2    The Vice Chancellor may assign vehicles to staff who will make personal contributions from salary via salary sacrifice arrangements approved via Director: Human Resources.

3.3    Any vehicle assigned is placed in the safe-keeping of the assigned officer during private use.

3.4    All officers provided with an assigned vehicle under provisions contained in this procedure are required to sign an agreement with the University on terms and conditions associated with the use of the vehicle.

3.5    Officers assigned a vehicle may be consulted in matters of replacement such as body colour, trim and whether the vehicle is a sedan or station sedan, however the University's needs take precedence.