UniSA Admissions Student Profile

UniSA Admissions

The University of South Australia has a strong commitment to equity and access. We believe that people should have equal opportunities for further education and, as such, you will benefit from studying with people from a range of educational, work and experience backgrounds.

The Admissions Student Profile gives an indication of the likely peer cohort for new undergraduate students at UniSA. It provides data of students who enrolled in undergraduate study across all degrees in Semester 1 2018.

"<5"- the number of students is less than 5
N/A - students not accepted in this category
N/P - Not published: the number is hidden to prevent calculation of numbers in cells with less than 5 students.

Group D includes three sub-groupings. However, as UniSA does not admit students 'where both ATAR and additional criteria are considered', this subgroup has not been included in the table. Students in the Past Higher Education Study group may include students who have transferred between degrees (including those who have been transferred as a result of a program change).

Applicant BackgroundNumber of StudentsPercentage of all Students
(A) Past higher education study 3,186 36.21%
(B) Past vocational education and training (VET) study 763 8.67%
(C) Work and life experience 586 6.66%
(D) Recent secondary education - Admitted solely on the basis of ATAR 2,683 30.49%
(D) Recent secondary education - Admitted solely on the basis of other criteria 694 7.89%
International students 887 10.08%
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