Academic Standards and Quality Committee (ASQC)

Terms of reference

To recommend to Academic Board approval of new coursework programs and amendments to existing coursework programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels on the basis of: 

  • the identified program profile of the University
  • the business case for the establishment and sustained operation of the program, including an assessment of the viability of a program and consideration of the impacts on University services and resources
  • the quality of academic outcomes as expressed through the qualities of a UniSA graduate
  • demonstrated support for the program from key stakeholders.

To establish, as required, expert review panels to assist with the conduct of business.

To carry out the development and review of quality assurance and improvement policies in relation to undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs and to provide recommendations on such policies to Academic Board.

To foster course and program development within the strategic directions of the University.

To receive reports from the Divisions in relation to:

  • devolved aspects of the program amendment processes
  • summaries of program evaluation activity.


  • Provost & Chief Academic Officer (Chair)
  • Dean: Academic (EASS)
  • Dean: Academic (BUE)
  • Dean: Academic (ITEE)
  • Dean: Academic (HSC)
  • Senior academic representative (EASS)
  • Senior academic representative (BUE)
  • Senior academic representative (ITEE)
  • Senior academic representative (HSC)
  • Director: International (or nominee)
  • Director: Teaching Innovation Unit (or nominee)
  • Chief Information Officer (or nominee)
  • Director: Student and Academic Services (or nominee)
  • Director: Office of Strategic Programs
  • Executive Officer (non-voting)

Senior academic representatives will be nominated by Divisional TALCs to serve a two-year term.

Staff with additional expertise in, for example, finance, transnational operations, flexible delivery, or online education, may also be invited to attend Committee meetings.

Meeting frequency

The Committee will meet eight times per year.

Academic Standards and Quality Committee minutes