Contract Express self-service document generation

UniSA has acquired document generation software called Contract Express.  Contract Express, allows authorised users to create commonly used documents, endorsed by UniSA Legal, by answering a series of questions. 

Access to Contract Express

Access to the software is limited by UniSA’s licence.  Staff who have been nominated by their Administrative Unit or Division will be able to log onto the system and create documents. 

Training for authorised staff is available from Sandra Ciaramella, Chancellery. 

Staff who wish to gain access to Contract Express should in the first instance discuss this with their Director, Head of school or Business Development Manager. 

Adding documents to Contract Express

UniSA Legal will be adding commonly used documents having regard to complexity and risk, as appropriate.  If Staff believe that there are documents that should be added to Contract Express, they should in the first instance contact UniSA Legal Counsel.  

Vice Chancellor’s Authorisations

Staff are reminded that all documents generated using Contract Express may only be used in accordance with the Vice Chancellor’s Authorisations.