CMK work closely with UniSA’s appointed creative and media agencies, to research and develop integrated campaigns to raise the profile and awareness of the University in a way that links to our strategic and brand objectives. We use a mix of channels including outdoor (such as billboards or bus stop posters), radio, cinema, press, digital and social media. 

How CMK can help 

We can help you promote an event, service or tender through advertising activity. 

Please note that UniSA is part of the SA Government’s Master Media Agreement and we must buy any media (including press, outdoor, transit, radio, television, cinema and digital) through the appointed media buying agency/s. This helps us as we can access special media rates, as well as benefit from the data and negotiating power of specialist media buyers.

We have a range of advertising templates that we can use for print and digital advertising. For larger campaigns, where you have a bigger budget, we work with preferred suppliers to develop advertising creative and design work. 

It all starts with a brief. We will work with you to develop a brief that details the outcomes you’re looking for, so our agency partners can deliver on those.

What we do

  • Plan, develop and execute campaigns
  • Advise on campaign requirements and options
  • Work with various agencies and suppliers to develop advertising creative and execute media planning
  • Maintain and uphold brand and advertising style guidelines
  • Facilitate reporting

We do not design or book advertising directly, or take advertising photography. We work with a number of specialist external suppliers.

For advertising creative, we have a panel of creative agencies that have particular skills. These agencies have been through an extensive tender process to win the right to be on our panel and are well-versed in the requirements of the University. This saves a great deal of time and reduces risk. We work with you and the selected panel agency to develop the advertising material – at a cost. We have rate cards in place, so can provide an approximate cost estimate to help you decide whether to take this approach.

Producing an advertisement

If you are interested in an advertising campaign (or single advertisement), please follow the below steps:

  1. Determine your objectives, desired outcomes and budget available from your area – refer to the checklist below of the things that you will need to know
  2. Liaise with a CMK staff member (please refer to the contact details below) to determine the best approach – an advertisement may not always be the best solution to your needs, or a different type of media channel may work better for your audience
  3. If appropriate, we will work with you to develop a campaign brief based on the agreed brief and budget

The more notice we have of your requirements the better, as that allows us to book in the work and deliver better results. However, a general rule of thumb is 10 working days for simple or templated ads.

Points to consider before approaching CMK for support

  • Why do you want to advertise? What is your objective?
  • Who is your target audience? Is there another way to communicate with them directly?
  • Do you have budget? Advertising can be a costly exercise, so please consider your budget carefully. Cost ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars per ad, depending on creative approach, media channel, placement and timing.
  • What is your timeline? Producing and placing an ad does take time (and we need to find your job a place in the job queue). Please allow at least 10 working days to produce a simple, templated ad. In addition, we must consider the lead times different publications or media outlets require to publish an ad. For example, Messenger newspapers and The Advertiser require four to six weeks’ lead time in addition to the 10 working day production timeline.
  • Have you received support from your Head of School, Research Centre Manager, PVC or Unit Director/Deputy Director/s to commence this project?

Is Advertising right for you?

There are other ways to raise the profile of University activities and achievements. Instead of advertising you may consider:

Contact us

If you are based in a Division, or research centre associated with a Division, please contact your local Manager: Communications and Marketing about your marketing requirements.

If you are from a Business Unit outside of a Division, you can contact the Communications and Marketing Unit Campaign Services team on: 8302 9101 (Manager, Campaign Services).   

The Campaign Services team sits within CMK and is available to provide advice on advertising and direct marketing: