Accessibility Parking


Accessibility Parking Permits can be obtained through any Registration and Licensing Division of Transport SA.

The Australian disability parking scheme (ADPS) is a national scheme that supports: 

  • consistent eligibility criteria;
  • standards for parking permit concessions; and
  • consistent parking permit design.

The first phase of the scheme is to replace existing South Australian disabled person's parking permit with the new Australian disability parking permit. New applications that are approved will then continue to be issued with the new permit.

The University provides parking for disabled staff/students holding a Disabled Persons Permit from Transport SA but still requires the use of this in conjunction with a University permit. In order to obtain a University permit please complete an application for a parking permit via the FM104 Accessible Parking Permit form and produce proof of your Registration and Licensing Division Disabled Persons Parking Permit to the FM Assist office on your home campus. Permits will not be issued if all information is not complete or provided. In addition City East and City West staff will need to add access on their staff ID card so that access to the relevant University car park can be issued by completing an Electronic Security Building Access Application Form.

Click here the relevant campus below to identify where Access parking is located:

City East   City West   Magill   Mawson Lakes   Mt Gambier   Whyalla


Staff and Students

Disabled Unreserved Permit issued will entitle the permit holder to park in any Disabled or Unreserved area in their home campus except city campuses.


Temporary Physical Impairment

Requests for 'Temporary Physical Impairment' permits should be lodged with your local FM Assist staff with proof of the short term injury, usually a medical certificate detailing the injury and period for which the Temporary Disabled Permit will be required. The University policy on Car Parking (C10.2) states that disabled persons parking is free and the issue of a Temporary Physical Impairment permit is on the same basis. Temporary Disabled Permits will only be issued for a period of no longer than 3 months. Staff with a long term disability must apply for a Disabled Persons Parking Permits through any Registration and Licensing Division of Transport SA.

If you have any questions regarding Disabled parking please contact your local FM Assist office.

PLEASE NOTE: The Registration and Licensing Division Disabled Persons Parking Permit must be clearly displayed at all times when you are parked on University grounds.