Off campus work and activities that involve long distance driving can present a significant risk. UniSA staff, research students or volunteers may be required to drive long distances as part of their role in activities such as fieldwork, visiting regional venues or attending seminars or meetings in rural areas.

The Risk Management Checklist: Driving Vehicles While Working is provided to guide managers, supervisors and others involved in driving activities with identifying hazards and selecting appropriate control measures at the planning stage, prior to commencing trips to eliminate or minimise harm.

Details of hazards and their risk control measures must be recorded in your local hazard register and regularly reviewed.

Please note: The following forms are updated frequently. Please access the forms from this page and do not store a local copy to avoid using outdated forms.




Internal and external driving courses are available. See the Risk Specific Training page for details on an internal 'Driver Safety' course and external 'Safe Driving Course'.