Research Degrees for Supervisors

Workshops and resources

The University of South Australia is committed to ensuring the highest quality of supervision of its research students. This page provides links to workshops and resources that can help make the student's experience positive and enhance your supervisory practice. Attendance in the workshop programs will give you the opportunity to meet and talk with new and experienced supervisors at UniSA.

It will also give you the opportunity to hear from and interact with experienced thesis examiners, publishers and research education lecturers as they reflect on different aspects of the supervisory experience.

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Workshop name



Developing your skills in supervision for early career supervisors: Full Day Program (Incorporating workshops 1 - 4)

Thursday 11th May



Room B4-20B, City East


Developing your skills in supervision workshop series for early career supervisors:

Workshop 1: Getting started


Workshop 2: Working EAL students on research writing


Workshop 3: Research practices and processes



Workshop 4: Completion and beyong



Tuesday 20th June



Thursday 29th June



Tuesday 4th July



Tuesday 18th July


Room H2-10, Magill



Room J1-01, Mawson Lakes



Room H1-09, Magill



Room H1-09, Magill

Panel Supervision - Opportunities, issues and strategies for maximising team performance.

Thursday, 27th July

10am – 12pm


Friday 15th September



Room JS4-12B, City West



Room G1-83, Magill 

within and across supervisory panels: Power, consensus and conflict

Friday 2nd June

10am - 12pm


Monday 10th   July

10am – 12pm


Wednesday 20th   September

10am – 12pm


Room BJ3-34, City East



Room BH4-33, City West



Room GP2-31, Mawson Lakes

Supervising in intercultual contexts: Issues and Strategies

Thursday 8th June


Room SCT2-49, Mawson Lakes

Conflict resolution and negotiating differences

Wednesday 14 June

9.30 - 11.30am

Room B1-52, Magill

Working in multidisciplinary research teams

Monday 19th June

10am - 12pm

Room H2-10, Magill

Working with students with mental health conditions

Wednesday 28th June


Room H2-04, Magill

Supervising @ UniSA


Thursday 10th August

9am – 5pm


Thursday 30th November

9am – 5pm

Room C1-60, Magill


Room SCT2-49, Mawson Lakes

Publishing your research and what editors look for 

Tuesday 14th   November

9am – 4pm

Room H5-02, Bradley Forum, Hawke Building, City West

Thesis submission & what examiners look for  

Wednesday 29th   November

1pm – 3pm

Room BH4-30, City West



Supervising at UniSA (induction)

Full day induction program for academic staff wanting to become registered on the Register of Research Degree Supervisors.

The morning session introduces policies, procedures and other important information about research degrees at UniSA. It also looks the development of doctoral education and shows how this influences ways of approaching and thinking about supervision.

The afternoon takes an interactive approach to exploring  strategies and resources for supervision and points to future development activities you can engage with.

Successful completion requires attendance of the full day.

Facilitators: Professor Alistair McCulloch and Dr Cassandra Loeser