Course Outline

The Course Outline is a binding document which provides students with essential teaching, learning, assessment and administrative information about a course.

Course Outlines for internal, external and offshore courses are designed to provide course-specific information to students and links to specific University policy and guidelines.

Following approval of the Assessment Policies & Procedures Manual (see section 2), the Course Outline web application is now open for Course Outline creation.

Please note that the following significant amendments were made to Section 2 of the 2016 edition of the Assessment Policy and Procedures Manual:

  • 2.1.2 q: An amendment as the course outline must state if the course does not allow supplementary assessment or examination and removed any reference to availability of conceding or terminating passes in the course outline.

Course coordinator responsibilities

The information in this section is from the University's Assessment Policies & Procedures Manual (APPM) relating to Course Outlines. 

  • Course coordinators are responsible for preparing Course Outlines for all onshore and offshore courses offered in each scheduled Study Period and ensuring that the content is accurate.
  • Course Outlines must be made using the web-based Course Outline application, and made available online before the first day of teaching.
  • Once the Course Outline has been distributed to students, it is expected that the contents will only change where necessary for the integrity of assessment, or due to unforeseen factors such as staff illness.
  • Course coordinators are responsible for discussing proposed changes with students, and must attempt to minimise disruption or disadvantage arising from the changes.
  • If changes are made, the course coordinator must re-publish the Course Outline to the learnonlinecourse site. Students will be notified automatically by email when the Course Outline is re-published.

Access Course Outline

The Course Outline system can be accessed via the Staff Portal under the Teaching pillar (administrative systems) or under the Course Outline heading on the portal course pages. 

Course Outline help resource

Visit Course Outline Help for more information and instructions on how to use the system.