Student ambassadors

Student Ambassador Guidelines

Overview of the program

The University has established a volunteer student ambassador program as part of its prospective student outreach program. This program provides selected current UniSA students with the opportunity to participate in university representational activities.

The aims of the ambassador program are to:

  • Provide a valuable marketing/communications related development opportunity for current students
  • Provide an opportunity for secondary school and other prospective students to have direct contact with successful role models
  • To assist the university in managing the increasing demand for representation in a variety of forums

Who are Student Ambassadors?

Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students who are usually in their second or third year of study. They are confident, have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, are flexible, pro-active and able to present themselves well. They need to have a positive but realistic approach to University life and be willing to work as a member of a team.

Students Ambassadors will be required to promote the University and should offer appropriate and unbiased advice, so that prospective students are aware of the choices open to them. Student Ambassadors should share their own experiences but should always bear in mind that each student will have a different reason for wanting to go to a particular university, whether it is because of the course, location or recommendation.

Role of Student Ambassadors

  • Work with young people to encourage, motivate and inspire them to commence, continue and complete their studies successfully.
  • Actively participating in Open Days, information evenings, school visits and other events as requested by the Business School or the domestic student recruitment team.
  • Meeting and helping visitors to the university, for example parents and students.
  • Provide students and parents with an insight into university life and study based on their own experiences.
  • Provide students and parents with information on application and admission processes, the range of UniSA's programs and student services available.

Student ambassadors can be expected to provide this information at:

  • Open Days
  • Secondary school career evenings and expos
  • Preference information events
  • Nominated campus tours for prospective students
  • Division / School based events and information evenings

At these forums, it is an expectation of the program that a UniSA staff member would always be in attendance.

Student Ambassadors are not required to:

  • Undertake general administrative duties including photocopying, stuffing envelopes or filing.

If Divisions/DSR wishes to utilise university students for this purpose they can recruit student volunteers.

The Student Ambassador Obligations

  • It is expected that a Student Ambassadors will be able to commit to the program for the entire year
  • Student Ambassadors will be required to attend training workshops, professional development opportunities and meetings scheduled by the Division or the Domestic Student Recruitment Team for the Student Ambassador Program
  • If selected, it is required that Ambassadors work approximately 5 events over the duration of their role in a calendar year
  • Student Ambassadors must not have a disciplinary record or be currently under charges within the University judicial system
  • Student ambassadors may be approached for assistance with other university activities and events
  • Student Ambassadors must make a commitment to the mission of the University and the Student Ambassador Program and possess the following personal qualities: Desire to learn, Enthusiasm, Leadership, Responsibility, Dependability, Maturity, Initiative, Dedication, and Punctuality.

Responsibilities and Expectations of a Student Ambassador

A Student Ambassador will:

  • Be reliable
    • Arrive as promised
    • Arrive at the required venue at least 15 minutes early
    • Make sure they have the details of where the activity is being held and who is in charge
    • Must ensure they fully understand the activity they are participating in, their role and responsibilities
    • Phone in if they are ill or cannot attend for any other reason
    • If they promise to find some information for someone make sure they keep your promise
  • Be Professional
    • Turn mobile phones off at events and meetings
    • Wear appropriate dress, neat and casual or corporate attire and name tags where required
    • Assist the organisers throughout the event as required
    • When working in a school ensure they understand any information given about local arrangements, rules and policies
    • Be approachable and friendly
  • Be Tolerant
    • Respect different opinions
    • Be sensitive to different cultures
    • Do not interrupt or correct others, if an issue arises, please address it in private
    • Agree to disagree
  • Be Trustworthy
    • Respect confidential conversations
    • Do not gossip about anyone
    • Do not discuss, condone or admit to the use of drugs or any other illegal activity
    • Do not condone, in any way, the excess use of alcohol
    • Avoid any situation where they will be alone or unsupervised with a student
    • Raise any concerns or problems immediately with their coordinator or the person they are working for
    • Student Ambassadors should have a friendly relationship with the young people but they are not their 
    • Do not have relationships outside of the university, do not exchange addresses or phone numbers

Participating in the program

Student ambassadors are not employees or contractors, but volunteers to the University.

Level of student involvement

  • The Student Ambassador program is available to second and latter year students who are achieving satisfactory progress
  • As a Student Ambassador, it is not expected that any one student ambassador should participate in the scheme for more than 30 volunteer hours per calendar year
  • No student ambassador is expected to continue in the program for more than three years
  • Student Ambassadors are not expected to attend any recruitment event or activity without the supervision of their coordinator (where the Divisional coordinator is not able to be present, a member of the Domestic Student Recruitment team may be able to supervise -this arrangement must be requested in advance and approved by the Manager, Domestic Student Recruitment)
  • A student ambassador cannot undertake the duties normally required of a paid staff member


  • All reasonable meal and/or travel costs incurred by a student in performance of the role will be reimbursed on production of a receipt. Reimbursement for any other costs will be considered on application by the student ambassador
  • Student ambassadors are covered by the university's insurance arrangements during the course of their activity
  • Students ambassadors who work for the Domestic Student Recruitment Team in the Future Student Enquires centre will be paid for their day's work

Reward and recognition

  • As part of the program, student ambassadors will be provided with:
  • University clothing and merchandise as is available and appropriate to the role
  • The opportunity to participate in divisional and university wide marketing meetings as relevant
  • Professional development opportunities such as a seminar on presentation and representational skills
  • A certificate of recognition from the Vice Chancellor (or the relevant Pro Vice Chancellor)
  • Recognition of their contribution to the Student Ambassadors Program on their academic transcript. (in negotiation)

What do I need to do?

Purpose of the position as a Student Ambassador

This position is responsible for promoting the Student Ambassador's program and Division as well as the benefits of tertiary study. Student Ambassadors also assist the University in managing the increasing demand for representation in a variety of forums. The Student Ambassador assists the Marketing Officer at various events in answering queries and providing an opportunity for secondary school and other prospective students to have direct contact with successful University role models. They contribute to the implementation of student recruitment marketing activities within the UniSA Business School.

The Student Ambassador's role

Core Responsibilities

  • Student Ambassadors participate in various activities and as such, their responsibilities may vary. Below are some responsibilities required of a Student Ambassador:

Promotion of the University's programs

  • Promotion of the University's values, services, programs and distinctive attributes to potential students
  • Create greater awareness of University's services, programs and attributes amongst secondary school students by speaking about your University experiences
  • Participate in University presentations at secondary schools/career events to students, parents and teachers
  • Represent the University at major domestic student recruitment events and activities
  • Represent the University on their website with a photograph and testimonial of their experiences

Customer Service

  • Through your volunteer role, help meet customers needs by building a positive image of the University and its programs
  • Provide assistance to Marketing Officers
  • Act in an appropriate manner and keep contact with students to a strictly professional manner

University Requirements

  • Comply with any direction or instruction aimed at protecting the occupational health, safety and welfare of University staff
  • Take responsibility for their own safety as well as that of other staff, students and visitors to the University

Special Requirements

  • It is expected that Student Ambassadors:
    • Will commit to the program for the entire year. This equates to approximately 5 events or 30 hours over the duration of their role in a calendar year
    • Will be required to attend training workshops, professional development opportunities and meetings scheduled by the Division or Domestic Student Recruitment
    • Do not have a disciplinary record or are currently under charges within the University judicial system
    • Student Ambassadors may be required to undertake after hours work and to travel to secondary schools. The University will reimburse all reasonable travel costs upon the presentation of a receipt

Reporting Relationships

  • Student Ambassadors should report all their queries and concerns to the Marketing Officer - UniSA Business School.

Selection Criteria

  • Successful applicants should demonstrate the following attributes and personal qualities:
    • High communication skills
    • The ability to relate to diverse groups of people from various socioeconomic and cultural groups
    • To maintain an open mind and provide appropriate and unbiased advice
    • Punctuality
    • Desire to learn
    • Enthusiasm
    • Leadership
    • Responsibility
    • Dependability
    • Maturity
    • Initiative
    • Dedication
    • Friendly and approachable

Register your interest

We are currently not seeking new ambassadors for 2016. The application form will reopen in the lead up to our recruitment for 2017.