Your culture, my culture

Ever wondered what makes your classmates from another culture tick? Want to prepare yourself for the wide world of globalised society?

Your Culture, My Culture is designed with the aim of increasing the cultural perspectives of students which is a valuable asset in a world with the ever increasing global nature of business. Your Culture, My Culture will facilitate an opportunity for students to interact with one another socially whilst getting valuable benefits which extend far beyond your academic studies.

The program is simple and independently run by you to best suit what you want. The program is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. All you have to do is apply and we will get in touch with you on details of upcoming events and activities in which you can take part in.

Expectations and Program Structure

Your Culture, My Culture is a semi-independent program so whilst there are some structured meetings, it is up to you to enhance your experience in the program by meeting up external to these catch ups with other members of YCMC that you meet.


The program consists of 3 structured meetings which will be facilitated by UniSA staff and any further catch-up's should be organised by members of the program, some of these costs associated with meeting externally can be subsidised Business School. We recommend that extra off campus activities are organised in groups in order to enhance your cultural exchange experience, its these events which can be the most fun in any case!

For ideas about what kind of activities you can do in the external catch-ups please refer to the activities page.


  • Get to know other people's cultures and customs whilst assisting others to learn more about yours
  • Break down cultural divides by learning how to communicate with others more effectively
  • Increase your confidence and employability both in Australia and internationally
  • Discussions in Your Culture, My Culture are a great opportunity for international students to practice conversational English
  • Holidaying or doing an exchange soon? Your Culture, My Culture can help you prepare for a trip overseas
  • Students in the program receive recognition in the way of a certificate for their CV if requested

Wondering what to do and talk about with other students at events? Click here for some suggestions!

How do I join?

You can join Your Culture, My Culture at any time of the year! Find out more about the application process below or apply now by filling out the online form.

Online application form

Following submission of the form, you will be contacted shortly by an administrator of the program with more details

Please have a read over the Terms and Conditions of Your Culture, My Culture before you submit your application.

Application Process


In Your Culture, My Culture we will give you an opportunity to connect with students from other countries. If you join early in the semester please come along to our Meet and Greet event at the beginning of the study period.

  1. Application
         Fill out the application form online.
  2. Meet
         Once you have apply wait for us to get in touch with you about the first Meet an Greet event. After the meet and greet, it is up to you to arrange a suitable time and place in accordance with the Your Culture, My Culture terms and conditions or just wait for the next structured event we will run. We will also host regular events so students in Your Culture, My Culture can meet each other and get to know other people in the program. Its worth getting onto the YCMC Facebook page to stay up to date 

NOTE: Generally participants of Your Culture, My Culture must be 18 years of age or older. However if you are under 18 and still interested in the program just contact Olexij Straschko to find out more on your options.