Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

What is PASS?

The PASS program is an academic program designed to assist with students
understanding of the course content and performance in courses.

Based on Supplemental Instruction (SI) developed at the University of Missouri in the United States, the PASS program is used extensively in universities across Australia.

  • Facilitated by students who have excelled in the course.
  • Students review course material and explore different study skills.
  • Gain techniques to enhance student learning, success and retention.
  • Improve students study practices to increase grades.
  • Study sessions in a relaxed and informal environment.
  • Opportunity for students to connect with other students.
  • Absolutely FREE! - check the timetable and attend any session!

PASS hourly sessions are run weekly during the study semesters, aligning with course lectures and tutorials.
PLUS 4-hour mid-break and swot-vac sessions to assist in preparation towards

PASS are held in the Jeffrey Smart Building, Room (JS2-09A), City West campus. There is no need to register, simply arrive during the times listed in the timetable.

95% of the 2017 participants recommend PASS

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12:10pm BANK 2007 - Business Finance
ECON 1008 - Principles of Economics

1:10pm LAWS 1018 - Business Law
ACCT 3007 - Financial Accounting 3

2:10pm ACCT 1008 - Accounting Principles for Business Decisions
12:10pm ACCT1006 - Financial Accounting 1
ACCT3007 - Financial Accounting 3

1:10pm  MARK2010 - Marketing Analytics
LAWS1018 - Business Law
ECON1008 - Principles of Economics

2:10pm ACCT1009 - Accounting Principles for Business Decisions
ACCT1008 - Accounting for Business
COML2005 - Companies & Partnership Law

4:10pm BANK2007 - Business Finance




11:10am ACCT1006 - Financial Accounting 1

12:10pm LAWS1018 - Business Law

1:10pm  COML2005 - Companies & Partnership Law
ACCT1008 - Accounting for Business

2:10pm ECON1007 - Macroeconomics

 3:10pm    ECON1008 - Principles of Economics
 ACCT307 - Financial Accounting 3
 MARK2010 - Marketing Analytics

4:10pm BANK2007 - Business Finance




10:10am LAWS1018 - Business Law

11:10am ACCT1006 - Financial Accounting 1
 ACCT3007 - Financial Accounting 3
 ECON1008 - Principles of Economics

12:10pm ACCT1009 - Accounting for Principles for Business Decisions

1:10pm  MARK2010 - Marketing Analytics

2:10pm COML2005 - Companies & Partnership Law

 3:10pm    ECON1008 - Principles of Economics




11:10am LAWS1018 - Business Law
 ECON1008 - Principles of Economics

1:10pm  ECON1007 - Macroeconomics





SP5 Post-Grad Timetable

10:10am ACCT 5023 - Financial Accounting

 1:10pm  ACCT 5023 - Financial Accounting
1:10pm  ACCT 5014 - Auditing Principles

2:10pm ACCT 5011 - Accounting for Management M




 3:10pm   ACCT 5013 - Advanced Accountng




12:10pm ACCT 5011 - Accounting for Management M





12:10pm ACCT 5014 - Auditing Principles




Questions and feedback

The PASS program is coordinated by an Internationally Accredited PASS Supervisor in the UniSA Business School, and any questions about the program and feedback can be sent to

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