Application Tips

Your written statement is an important part of your scholarship application as it is a summary of YOU! A well written personal statement can help to increase your chances of standing out from other applicants. A few minutes spent writing up a good statement may earn you a few thousand dollars in your bank account. The following points may assist in your application:

  • Check your eligibility and address the criteria
  • Write in an engaging manner: You may write about your achievements but try to spice it up with different sentence structures that are clear and concise. You may provide examples, elaborate on how it made a difference to you or what skills you’ve learnt.
  • Share yourself: Make sure your personality shines through.  Your uniqueness and your values, and things that you are interested in. 
  • Show your passion: Your passion in your field of study is important. Why are you interested in this area? How have you been involved in this area during high school? Share your dreams and aspirations for the future.
  • Apply, apply, apply: You can apply for as many scholarships as you like, so make the most of the opportunities. Remember, if you don’t give it a go, you’ll never know.

Need a hint on how to get started?

Below you will find some good examples, taken from successful applications. You will also find some examples that didn't give us enough detail to contribute to a successful application. Notice the details included in the good examples and the difference between those and the examples beside them. Use these as a guide to help you start writing.

Good examplesPoor Examples 

I am from a regional area and I have moved to Adelaide to study since January 2018. Currently I am in receipt of a Centrelink benefit Youth Allowance and I am working part time in a supermarket for 5 hours a week. A scholarship would help a great deal in achieving my career goals.

I’m struggling for money as I don’t get any help from family or anyone else.

I am currently living with my parents and not in receipt of any Centrelink Benefit. I am happy to provide income histories and my parents’ taxable income for the last two financial years.

I live with my family and they support me with food and other daily expenses.

In year 10, I completed work experience in a nursing home and I enjoyed the experience so much that I volunteered to return again this year.
I have visited the local nursing home, reading to three aged persons (once/week for 10 weeks), and participated in a concert, playing the violin and singing in a small choir.

I have provided care and company to the aged community by visiting a nursing home on a regular basis. I like talking to the elderly people in the nursing home and I have been invited back next year.

I undertook the following as a member of my school Committee.
I led the organisation in an awareness raising week highlighting the plight of refugees in our country. I ran five meetings and attended daily lunchtime forums during the awareness week. The school Principal met with me and acknowledged the success of the project. I’ve spent in total 20 hours in the project.

I have been a member of a committee participating in charity events such as raising awareness of the plight of refugees to our country. We provide information to our school. With this experience, I was able to gain some insights into the struggles that people in our community face and it has given me desire to help others.

I took part in my schools trip to Cambodia in March 2018. After applying and being chosen to participate in July 2017, my team of eight students was required to raise $2000 in funds to be used on our project of building a new classroom. We attended seven preparatory meetings prior to departure. The week in Cambodia included eight hour days of physical work and classroom support for the students in the village. Since returning I have continued to fund raise for this community and I’ve maintained communication with the teachers in the school which we supported.

I went to Cambodia for a week in March this year. My team raised funds and worked every day for 5 days building a school. I would like to continue to perform community service when I leave school and that is why I want to enrol at UniSA and study social work program.