UniSA Staff SPSS Licensing Options

There are two methods that can be used to install a SPSS product on a University owned computer. A "Network License" is the preferred method and should normally be used unless there is a specific requirement. The alternative method is a "Site License" installation. The differences are detailed below:

Network License Installation
(Preferred Installation Method)

A Network License installation is the preferred method for installation of an SPSS product for use on University owned equipment. You can install the software yourself through the Software Center

NOTE: A Software Licence Application form is not required if a workstation uses a Network Licensed installation as the client connects to a license management server. 

Your SPSS license will not expire on a yearly basis if this installation method is used. A Commuter License can be borrowed if your computer needs to be disconnected from the network for a period of time (i.e. notebook users).

Site License Installation
(Not Recommended)

A Site Licence installation is not normally recommended and should only be performed in consultation with IT Help Desk

NOTE: This method of installation should only be used if the workstation is regularly disconnected from the University network or is disconnected for more than 30 days.

A Site Licence installation requires a Software License Application form to be completed and will also require new license codes to be entered at the end of each license period.

Commuter License

If the software is installed as a Network Installation on a University owned notebook then a license can be borrowed (known as a "commuter license"). 

By borrowing a license the software can be used without the computer being connected to the network for a maximum of 30 days. If off-campus, a license can be borrowed (or borrow period extended) by remotely connecting to the University network through VPN.

Instructions on how to borrow a commuter license can be found on IBM's website.

For information see IBM's Commuter licenses.

Further Assistance

If you require further information or assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk on (08) 830 25000 or 1300 558 654.