Instructions to delete saved Follow-You-Print-Q UniSA printer on iPhone/iPod/iPad

  1. Open PrinterOn app
    PrinterOn logo
  2. Tap UniSA Printer
    Make note of the printer listed before clicking because if it is the one you are about to delete there are some additional steps.
    tap UniSA Printer
  3. Tap Information
    tap Information
  4. Tap Delete
    The word Delete will change to Save.
  5. Tap Back Arrow
    Screenshot of PrinterOn Delete saved printer option
  6. Either:
    • If the printer you just deleted was the one lised in Step 2, tap remaining printer to make it default;
    • Otherwise, tap Back Arrow
  7. Close app

Further Assistance

If you require further information or assistance please contact the IT Help Desk on (08) 830 25000 or 1300 558 654.