What emails do I receive after sharing file/folder through OneDrive?

All emails are sent from no-reply@sharepointonline.com

  1. You will be CC'd on initial sharing email that recipient(s) receive.
    NOTE: You will receive this whether sharing within UniSA or externally.
    You will receive one email per recipient - so if sharing with multiple people you will receive one email per person (this is for security/privacy reasons).
  2. You will receive an email advising when the recipient has successfully opened the file/folder.

NOTE: If a recipient misplaces their version of the initial sharing email you can forward them your version of either Option 1 or 2 listed above.

For other Upload/Share options see OneDrive for Staff or OneDrive for Students.

Further Assistance

If you require further information or assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk on (08) 830 25000 or 1300 558 654.