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Teleconference (via Polycom Phone)

Polycom telephones can be used for conference calls that involve up to a maximum of 3 parties (you and two other parties).

There are two possible types of Polycom Teleconferencing solutions at UniSA. They are either a Polycom Sound Station (which works on analogue phone line and are slowly being phased out) or Polycom IP 6000 (which works via VoIP).

If you require a teleconference between 4 or more participants please see the Microsoft Teams page.

  1. Press Phone button to get a dial tone
  2. Dial the first number (party)
  3. When the call is answered, press the Conf button then dial the second number (other party)
    • Polycom Sound station (Series) - Conf button is on the left of the number 7 button
    • Polycom IP 6000 - Press the Confrnc soft key
  4. When the 2nd call is answered press the Conf or Join key to join the second call, so all three parties are connected.

For step by step instructions on how to conduct a teleconference please see the Conducting a Teleconference page.

The following will assist you with using your IP 6000: