UniSA IT Help Desk Now Paperless!

Over the last month or so ISTS have been working hard to implement their vision of a paperless office. As such, we are proud to announce that the IT Help Desk have now successfully converted ALL their paper-based forms into online versions, either through CMS or Appian.

This means that the IT Help Desk will no longer be accepting any submissions of paper-based forms. Naturally, ISTS appreciates there will be a transition phase and during this time IT Help Desk staff will be directing requesters to the URL for the new online form(s).

The online forms can be found throughout the new look and feel AskIT pages in such areas as:

Appian forms have the inbuilt ability to take each request through the appropriate approval work flow states prior to the IT Help Desk receiving them. Regrettably, CMS forms can not handle requests to this capacity. To overcome this, CMS forms requiring written approval will ask requesters for the email address of an appropriate staff member, whereby they will be contacted by the IT Help Desk once the Marvel request is generated from the CMS form submission.

Phase 2 for the IT Help Desks paperless office will commence in the new year. This will see the conversion of their online CMS forms (requiring written approval) to be moved into Appian to utilise the inbuilt approval work flow.

ISTS and the IT Help Desk appreciates and thanks you for your patience and understanding during the transition phases.