Staff adding Follow-You printer on UniSA owned or Personal Device

  1. Right click on the empty area of your desktop
  2. Hover over New
  3. Click Shortcut
  4. Enter (or copy and paste) \\ into the Type the location of the item:
  5. Enter suitable Name
    We recommend UniSA Follow-You-Print-Q. 
  6. Click Finish
  7. Double-Click the newly created icon
  8. Enter your username and password.
    NOTE: Enter username in the format - uninet\<UniSA username>
  9. Select the Follow-You-Print-Q from the list of available printers.
  10. If prompted then choose to Install Driver to complete setup.

For step by step instructions (including screenshots) see the Windows Follow-You setup page.

  1. Click the Apple menu from top left and select System Preferences.
  2. Select Printers & Scanners
  3. Select + symbol from new window
  4. In the next screen select Advanced option. 
    NOTE: If Advanced option is not available then follow steps below otherwise skip to step 5.
    1. Right-click on the empty grey space in the Add window and select Customize Toolbar.
    2. Drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar so that it is displayed.
  5. Select or enter the following:
    1. Select Type: Windows printer via spools.
    2. Leave Device: Another Device.
    3. Enter either URL: smb:// or smb://
    4. Enter a suitable Name. Suggested -  Follow-You-Print-Q
    5. Enter a suitable Location. Suggested - Library Printer on any campus
    6. Select Use: FX ApeosPort-VII C5573 v3018.103 PS or FX ApeosPort-VI C5571 v3018.103 PS
      NOTE: If the above driver is not present then it will have to be downloaded from Fuji Xerox Drivers and Downloads page. 
    7. Select OK followed by Add.
  6. You will now be prompted to setup printer settings at this stage.
  7. Click OK
  8. Remember to use UniSA computer login credentials while authenticating the print.
    Username: uninet\<username>
    Password: <UniSA password>
    You can choose "Remember this password in my keychain" option to remember your UniSA credentials for future use.

For step by step instructions (including screenshots) see the macOS Follow-You setup page.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Linux is not a UniSA supported Operating System.

For step by step instructions (including screenshots) see the Linux setup page.