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Staff Directory & Extension Details

Majority of the information displayed on the Staff Directory automatically comes through from the HR system. If there are any issues with this information you will need to speak to HR to get the following fields updated:

  • Name
  • Personal Title e.g. Mr, Dr, etc.
  • Division/Unit/Department
  • Position Title

The following online form needs to be completed if you require:

  • Telephone directory entry addition/removal/update/change
  • Display name addition/update/change
    NOTE: This is mainly used for PhD students, shared extensions e.g. security phones, reception extension, etc. Staff extensions will be given the preferred and last names listed in HR.
  • Staff home page contact details addition/update/change
    NOTE: Staff Homepage Alternate Contact and Mobile numbers are updated/added by the staff member themselves by going to their Staff Homepage and clicking on the Edit Cog in the top right corner. Additional help resources can be found on the Staff Homepage Help.
  • Voicemail addition
    NOTE: Other help resources can be found on in the Voicemail section.