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Telephony Equipment Options and Costs


UniSA is currently transitioning to a new telephone system. As such, all telephone requests are being assessed by the project team. We apologise in advance for any delays or inconvenience. Please visit the New Telephone System webpage for more information on the new system.

UniSA offers a number of physical telephones and also a software version (aka Softphone). Available options are listed below: 

NEC IP Phone 6 Button

  • $280
  • Only 6 Speed Dial buttons available

NEC IP Phone 24 Button

  • $330
  • 24 Speed Dial buttons available

NRX-3 handset

  • $250
  • NOTE: To use an analogue phone on the University's phone system will require an analogue phone extension.

NEC Softphone

  • $120
  • This is a software phone that runs from your computer.
    NOTE: You will also have to purchase a Headset to use a Softphone.

IP Konftel Conference Phone

  • $1200
  • This is contected via network cable.
  • Has a range of 30m2.
  • Allows Expansion microphone use.

Wireless IP Konftel Conference Phone

  • $1500
  • No network cable required.
  • Has a range of 30m2.
  • Allows Expansion microphone use.

Expansion microphones

  • $350
  • Extends a IP Konftel Conference Phone range a further 70m2.

Premium: HD Wireless

  • $281.00 inc GST (shipping included)
  • NEC Compatible
  • Ordered through Polaris
  • 3 year warranty
  • Once connected to the telephone, it can also be used through the connected Desktop PC for such things as Skype for Business, Zoom, Adobe Virtual Classrooms, Panopto etc.
    NOTE: Can be used through docking stations, but can not be directly connected to a laptop.