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Telephony Equipment Options and Costs


UniSA is currently undertaking a university wide phone migration project. As such, all new extension requests will be reviewed by the project team on a case by case bases before any work is cared out.  We apologise in advance for any delays or inconvenience.

UniSA offers a number of physical telephones and also a software version (aka Softphone). Available options are listed below: 

NEC IP Phone 6 Button

  • $280
  • Only 6 Speed Dial buttons available

NEC IP Phone 24 Button

  • $330
  • 24 Speed Dial buttons available

NRX-3 handset

  • $250
  • NOTE: To use an analogue phone on the University's phone system will require an analogue phone extension.

NEC Softphone

  • $120
  • This is a software phone that runs from your computer.
    NOTE: You will also have to purchase a Headset to use a Softphone.

IP Konftel Conference Phone

  • $1200
  • This is contected via network cable.
  • Has a range of 30m2.
  • Allows Expansion microphone use.

Wireless IP Konftel Conference Phone

  • $1500
  • No network cable required.
  • Has a range of 30m2.
  • Allows Expansion microphone use.

Expansion microphones

  • $350
  • Extends a IP Konftel Conference Phone range a further 70m2.

Premium: HD Wireless

  • $281.00 inc GST (shipping included)
  • NEC Compatible
  • Ordered through Polaris
  • 3 year warranty
  • Once connected to the telephone, it can also be used through the connected Desktop PC for such things as Skype for Business, Zoom, Adobe Virtual Classrooms, Panopto etc.
    NOTE: Can be used through docking stations, but can not be directly connected to a laptop.