To remove the Microsoft 365 group from Sharepoint permissions

To view and edit Site permissions take the following steps:

  1. In the Sharepoint site banner click on the cog icon to show the Settings menu.
  2. Click on the Site permissions link
  3. Click on Advanced permission settings
  4. The Advanced permissions setting page is displayed. The 3 default Sharepoint groups are shown in the red rectangle. These are created with any Sharepoint site and have the same name as the Sharepoint site. You can add individuals or groups to these groups to give access.
  5. Click on the <Sharepoint site name> Members group to expand the properties
  6. Click on the <Sharepoint site name> Members group again to expand the properties - this is actually the Microsoft 365 group and it is confusingly name identically to the default Sharepoint Site group.
  7. In the expanded Microsoft 365 group you can see the highlighted email address which indicates that it is a Microsoft 365 group - to remove the group from the <Sharepoint site> Members group click on 'Remove User from Site Collection'


Further Assistance

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