Will adding a guest or external user in Teams grant them access to the Sharepoint site?

No - adding an external user or guest to Teams will not grant access to the Sharepoint site.

External users (that is anyone outside of UniSA) who are added to Teams will be given guest access. When you look at the membership of the Microsoft365 group that manages the Teams you will see the external user listed as a guest.

To see the membership of a Team

  1. Click on the ... to show the menu next to the Team
  2. Select manage team
  3. This will show a list of the members of the Team - these are also the members of the Microsoft365 group and you will see the external users are shown as Guest.
  4. External users or guests can see the link in the Teams menu that will open the Sharepoint site associated with this Teams but unless they are added to a Sharepoint security group they will have no access.
  5. If they click on the Sharepoint link in Teams the external user or guest will recieve the following error:
  6. See these instructions to add the external users to a Sharepoint security group. 

Further Assistance

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