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Using & Setting up Follow-You printer on an iPhone/iPod/iPad

You are only able to print photos and websites from within the app, however, an embedded link to PrinterOn will be available from within other third party apps such as Email (only once you have opened attachments outside of the email by double tapping), Adobe Reader and Microsoft Office apps.

  1. Tap Action icon where available
  2. Tap Open In..., then Copy to PrinterOn
    NOTE: Open In... only appears if you are trying to print a PDF. To tap PrinterOn you may need to scroll across to locate it.
  3. See the Printing through PrintOn below from Step 5 for further instructions.

For step by step instructions (including screenshots) can be found on the sending to PrinterOn for Follow-You-Print-Q on iPhone/iPod/iPad page.

  1. Download free PrinterOn app
  2. Open PrinterOn app
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Services
  5. Tap Add Service...
  6. Fill in the Fields as follows:
    • Server:
      The server name listed above is 4 letters <cspo> followed by the #1.
    • Path: /cps
    • SSL: ON
    • Description: UniSA Mobile Printers
    • Default Service: ON
  7. Tap Test Service
    Click OK on Success pop-up.
  8. Tap Save Tick
  9. Tap Back Arrow
  10. Tap User Accounts 
  11. Tap Add Account...
  12. Fill in the Fields as follows:
    • Account: <your UniSA username>
    • Password: <your UniSA password>
    • Description: e.g. UniSA Mobile Printer Account NOTE: The start of the description needs to be the same as what you entered in Step 6.
    • PrinterOn Hosted: ON
    • UniSA Mobile Printers: ON
  13. Tap Save Tick
  14. Tap Back Arrow
  15. Tap Close Cross to return to Home page
  16. Tap No Printer Selected 
  17. Tap Search
  18. Type unisa
  19. Tap Search 
  20. Tap Information
    NOTE: Two printers should appear in the list to choose from, Black/White Printing and Colour Printing.
  21. Tap Save
  22. Tap Back Arrow 
  23. Repeat Steps 20 - 22 to add other UniSA printer
  24. Tap Back Arrow
  25. Close app

For step by step instructions (including screenshots) can be found on the settting Follow-You Printer on iPhone/iPod/iPad page.


  1. Open PrinterOn app
  2. Tap UniSA Printer
    Make note of the printer listed before clicking because if it is the one you are about to delete there are some additional steps. 
  3. Tap Information 
  4. Tap Delete
    The word Delete will change to Save.
  5. Tap Back Arrow 
  6. Either:
    • If the printer you just deleted was the one lised in Step 2, tap remaining printer to make it default;
    • Otherwise, tap Back Arrow
  7. Close app

For step by step instructions (including screenshots) can be found on the deleting Follow-You Printer on iPhone/iPod/iPad page.

  1. Open PrinterOn app
  2. Tap option you wish to print
    NOTE: It is not possible to setup your UniSA email in PrinterOn. This is a restriction on Microsofts side, which unfortunately UniSA has no control over.
  3. If prompted, tap OK to allow PrinterOn access
  4. If Documents or Photos selected in Step 2 locate item to print and tap to select; OR
    If Web was selected in Step 2 enter URL and tap Printer icon in the top right
  5. Tap Print Option to change:
    NOTE: This is the stage you will be taken to if you have selected to send e.g. email attachment, PDF, etc. to PrinterOn.
    • Number of Copies
    • Paper Size
    • Orientation
    • Double-Side
      NOTE: Only appears if there are multiple pages to print.
  6. Tap Close Cross
    NOTE: No need to save whether changes are made or not.
  7. Tap University of South Australia Printer to change default printer
    NOTE: You may wish to print in colour, but your default printer is black/white.
  8. Tap Print
  9. Go to a UniSA Follow-You printer and collect your printout.

For step by step instructions (including screenshots) can be found on the printing through PrintOn to Follow-You Printer on iPhone/iPod/iPad page.