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Students topping up Print Quota through the Student Portal

Only certain UniSA Students are able to top-up their print quota through the Student Portal (myUniSA). The below will walk you through how to do this or how to check if you are able to.

If you are unable to top-up through the Student Portal, either due to the Printer section not being available (e.g. studying through SAIBT or CELUSA, etc.) or there is currently an outage of the Student Portal, Campus Central are able to assist you with topping-up your quota.

  1. Log into myUniSA (Student Portal)
  2. Click my Resources tab
  3. Scroll down to Printer section

For step-by-step instructions (including screen shots) and further information please see the checking your printing allowance page.

  1. Log into myUniSA (Student Portal)
  2. Click my Resources tab
  3. Scroll down to Printer section
  4. Click Top-up my printer allowance
  5. Follow on screen prompts 

NOTE: You must wait a minimum of 15 min before you are able to use your recent top-up.

For step-by-step instructions (including screen-shots) and additional information please see the top-up your printing allowance page.

  1. Log into Charge Update.
  2. Follow on screen prompts to top-up your Print Allowance by desired amount.

Your university-funded (Unit or base/course unit) printing allowance is provided for your use during the calendar year (up to mid-December).
NOTE: Unused University-funded allowance amounts are not carried over to the next year, nor can they be transferred to another student or refunded.

Please be aware that the printing allowance "year" actually finishes in mid to late December (not December 31) after the completion of Study Periods 5 and 6. A new base printing allowance of $12 is available at this time and Study Period 7 printing allowance amounts are re-applied by the first week of the following January.

If you (personally) pay to increase your printing allowance, any unused/leftover at the end of the year will be carried over to the next year's printing allowance.
NOTE: Any unused/leftover printing allowance, which you (personally) paid for, WILL NOT be refunded if you leave UniSA or Graduate. Therefore, it is recommended that you increment your printing allowance in small amounts as needed e.g. top-up $5 or $10 at a time - NOT a singular $50 top-up (unless you are certain you will be continuing your studies the next year).