UniSA Student App (v4) BETA Testing


It is suggested that students install the new version and use it daily as their primary UniSA Student App for the testing period. However, as this is a Beta version that may have some unknown bugs, it is strongly suggested that students compare their information to the current version of the app (v3) periodically and do not exclusively rely on this version.

The University does not accept responsibility for any issues that may be experienced by participating in the Beta testing.

Important: Keep in mind that these apps may be less stable than the later versions officially released to the public. This means the app might crash, or some features might not work properly when you use them.

Any issues can be reported via a Feedback form.

Thank you in advance for your participation and good luck!

Developers at the University of South Australia have been hard at work developing an all new version of the UniSA Student App, that is ready for a large-scale (Beta) test.

We would like to invite all students to participate in the Beta test of the new version (v4) and provide feedback on the experience.

Specifically, we would like to validate the following elements of the new app:

  • Usability. How quickly and easily you can find the information that you need.
  • Function. Whether the app delivers the features and functions that UniSA students require.
  • Performance. Whether the speed at which the app runs is quick and acceptable.
  • Stability. To ensure no crashes or errors are being displayed.

To participate in the Beta test, you will need to meet the following requirements:

Be a currently enrolled student (at the time of Beta testing) of the University of South Australia

Have either an:

  • iPhone with iOS 10 or greater
  • Android device with Android v6 (Marshmallow) or greater

The testing period will commence on Monday October 12 and end on Friday October 30.

The new version (v4) of the UniSA Student App contains all the features from the previous version, as well as some key enhancements.

  • Authentication. The authentication process has been improved, using the same technology as Microsoft Office 365, learnonline and the Student Portal (myUniSA).
  • Single Signon. Students won’t need to constantly enter their username and password when navigating to UniSA web applications from the UniSA Student App.
  • No more pin. The pin number function has been removed, allowing you quicker access to the UniSA Student App.
  • Improved performance and robustness. The entire back end of the application and the data calls have been re-written to focus on performance and stability.
  • New user interface. Through numerous student focus groups, the user interface has been reviewed and enhanced to ensure it meets students' immediate needs on the home screen, yet also allowing quick access to the many features within the app.


  1. A carousel to view upcoming classes. Tapping the cell will guide students to the room (if physical).
  2. A carousel to view upcoming assessments. Tapping the cell will take the student to their learnonline environment.
  3. A customisable set of icons that will allow students to add their most commonly used features of the app. Tapping on the cell will navigate the student to the relevant function.
  4. Course details. Tapping on the cell will open a course menu that includes links to learnonline, the Course Outline, eReadings and other course related features.
  5. A new footer menu that contains the most requested features: Timetable, Assessments and Study Room Bookings. All other features are included in the “More” sub-menu.
  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the below link or scan the QR code
  2. Install Apple TestFlight by tapping View in App Store
  3. Install the Beta by tapping Start Testing and follow the onscreen instructions


  1. On your Android device, open the below link to open Google Play or scan the QR code
  2. Tap Install
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions

NOTE: As this app is only in Beta you will not be able to search for the app manually in Google Play.


While testing the UniSA Student app, you can send the developer feedback about issues you experience, or make suggestions for improvements. There are a few different ways to provide your comments,

UniSA Feedback Form

Fill in the Feedback Form.

Feedback within the App

Click on the “Feedback” button at the top of the app. This will take you to the UniSA Feedback Form.

For iOS users

For iPhone or iPad users (iOS 13 or greater), you can supply feedback via the TestFlight app. See the TestFlight site for more information.

When the official testing period is over (Friday, 30th October), you will still be able to use the Beta version. This will be available until the final version of the app is published to the relevant Stores.

We may, from time-to-time, release new versions of the Beta. Feel free to continue to provide feedback when we do.