UniSA Instrument and Equipment Booking System

UniSA Instrument and Equipment Booking SystemThe UniSA Instrument & Equipment Booking System which utilises Artologik EZbooking is a locally hosted web based instrument booking tool. It allows authenticated UniSA staff and students to find a research instrument by searching a database using the instrument name, instrument description or free text. The displayed results provide information on the instruments location, contact person, booking information access fees, a brief description of its function and an image.

For large research groups an option to pre-purchase bulk hours or subscriptions is available. A schedule of subscription fees and an application form can be accessed from the Welcome Page of EZbooking. This is the first page users see when they access EZbooking. Instructions on how to search and book are also available from the Welcome Page.

Currently this system only contains instruments and accessories owned by the Future Industries Institute, however more University instruments will be added to the system at a later date. If you have any questions relating to the system and how to use it, please contact the Future Industries Technical Services team via their email: Future Industries Tech Requests