Wiki Platforms

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website that enables collaboration, by allowing users to add and edit content without special technical knowledge.

What wiki platforms are available for researchers?

There are a number of wiki platforms available online – a few of which are listed below.

When evaluating wiki platforms, it is important to consider if there are any restrictions that prevent you from hosting data on external cloud-based services. If in doubt, please check with the Research Office (Ethics).

UniSA offering

The University of South Australia provides the following wiki platform.


University of South Australia staff members can submit a request for a collaborative SharePoint site to be set up, which the University of South Australia will provide hosting based on the the research needs.

Request a SharePoint website

Free hosted wiki platforms

The following is a selection of free wiki platforms that are hosted for you. This option makes it easier to set up your wiki.


PBWorks offers both free and paid accounts. Free account allows 15 “internal” users and 5 “external” users, and provides basic features. More advanced features and higher user limits come with the paid premium accounts.

Go to PBWorks website


Nuclino provides a simple collaborative application that is viewable/editable by only those assigned to a team. Limitations include how many users can be granted access, although collaborators can share a non-editable page link to non-team members.

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Free wiki platforms

The following is a selection of free wiki platforms that will require you to organise hosting.


TWiki is a free, popular and easy to use wiki solution that provides many features expected in a subscription solution.

Go to TWiki website


DokuWiki is a popular and simple to use wiki solution for with a variety of available extensions.

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MediaWiki is a powerful platform used by Wikipedia, allowing for large scale wiki solutions with many users.

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PmWiki is an easy to use wiki solution that focuses on delivering an intuitive experience for its users.

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Premium wiki platforms

The following wiki platforms require a paid subscription, but generally provide more advanced features than their free counterparts.


Confluence is a popular commercial wiki platform that provides flexibility, as well as a large number of features not generally found within wiki solutions (e.g. issue tracking, project management functions, team calendars).

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