Off-Campus secondary exam arrangements for students studying a course internally

Please note: in accordance with Assessment Policy and Procedure APPM 6.6 Off-campus secondary examination arrangements for internal students.

  • Students studying a course internally are expected to be available for all examinations at the specified venue during the examination periods.
  • Eligible students must meet the following criteria:
    • have a home address outside of South Australia, as recorded on the student record system
    • are studying at one of UniSA's campuses in South Australia
    • are intending to return home immedicately after their examinations, and
    • request to sit a secondary examination in their home country/state
  • Where a student is offered a secondary assessment examination during the applicable secondary assessment period, they are expected to make reasonable attempts to attend the specified venue by delaying or deferring travel elsewhere
  • Where it is not possible for a student to delay or defer travel, the student may apply to sit the examination off-campus

If you have been offered a secondary assessment examination in one or more courses and you have arranged to return home immediately after the examinations, you should organise to sit the assessment/examination off-campus before you return home

Complete and lodge the Application for Off-campus secondary assessment examination with payment at any Campus Central Office within five working days of notification of the secondary assessment examination/assessment. The administration charge to sit off campus is $150 per exam.

The University will arrange for all students to sit their exams at approved examination centres. The examination centre that you are allocated will be based on the home address that you have recorded with the University. Students are no longer permitted to arrange for a private Invigilator to supervise their exams.

The secondary assessment exam timetable will be published on the relevant timetable release date listed on the Exam homepage. Shortly after the timetable becomes available, you will receive an email or letter advising of the examination centre that you have been allocated to and the exact date and time. Off-campus secondary examinations and assessments are to be taken at the same time as on-campus secondary examinations and assessments.