What to bring into the exam room

What do I have to take into my exam?

You must bring your UniSA Student ID card to your examination.

If you have made alternative arrangements you must bring your access plan.

What can I take into my exam?

You may take the following into examination venues:

  • Biros, pencils, erasers etc
  • Wallets or purses and
  • Bottled water
  • Permitted materials communicated to you by your lecturer. 
    All items must comply with specifications as advised by your lecturer and must not have been tampered with or contain any additional notes or material.

What can't I take into my exam?

The following items are not permitted in examination venues:

  • Personal items, including handbags and backpacks
  • Any electronic device including mobile phones (even if switched off), smart watches, personal digital assistants etc.
  • No hot food or hot beverages are to be brought into the exam venue.
    Cold beverages should be in spill-proof containers such as bottles, not in cans or cartons. 
    Food should be limited to small snacks that are not noisy to eat and do not contain a strong aroma

The possession of unauthorised items in the exam venue is a breach of examination procedures. A search of ALL items brought into the exam venue will be conducted.  If non-approved materials are found in your possession they will be confiscated and sent to the bag room, and a Breach Report will be completed and sent to your Course Coordinator and Academic Integrity Officer.

Whilst the University provides a bag room, we strongly recommend you DO NOT bring personal items, including handbags, backpacks, mobile phones, personal digital assistants etc. If you do choose to use the bag room these items are left at your own risk. The University of South Australia takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to property brought into the exam venue, including any items that are confiscated and stored in the bag room.

If you do plan on using the bag room at the Adelaide Showgrounds, please be aware it is located approximately 5 mins walking distance from the Ridley exam hall.  Therefore, we recommend you plan to arrive early to allow for this and avoid any delays due to waiting in the queue.  The location of the bag room is indicated on the venue maps available on the Exam locations webpage.

More information about conduct in examinations can be found in Section 6 of the Assessment Policy and Procedures Manual Examination Procedures.