What is webpay?

webpay is the University of South Australia's own tuition payment method. The system is available through the student portal, myUniSA, in the my Finances pillar. This method only accepts credit cards.

Which credit cards does webpay accept?

webpay accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Japan Credit Bureau and China UnionPay cards only.

Is webpay secure?

Yes. The University of South Australia highly values and respects the security and privacy of personal data.  webpay uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to keep your personal information secure.  This security protocol encrypts your personal information so it cannot be copied.  The secure environment is indicated on your browser with the display of a lock or key on the browser status bar.  The display of the secure icon indicates that encryption has been activated.

The University of South Australia has partnered the National Bank Australia to provide a secure and safe environment for credit card transactions.  webpay uses the National Secure Internet Payment Service (NSIPS) to authorise and process your credit card payment.  Once your payment has been approved by NSIPS, you will receive immediate confirmation which you can print and keep for your records.

NSIPS also use the latest SSL encryption technology.  The University of South Australia does not "see" or store your credit card number - all credit card details are handled and stored by the National Australia Bank.

Please note however, that although the University and the National Bank Australia endeavour to protect your personal details, we cannot guarantee the security and integrity of your personal computer or a public computer that you may use to access webpay.  If the computer you are using has been compromised, there is a possibility that the data you enter may be recorded by "spyware", "key logging" or similar programs.  You should ensure that you take reasonable steps to prevent these types of programs from being installed, by having the latest version of anti-virus software, security patches and a personal firewall installed.

For more information on personal computer security, please refer to the CERT web site. If you are concerned about the security of your personal computer you can use computers located in the University's General Purpose Computer Pools, Computer Barns, and "Walk Up" PCs (including those in Campus Central locations).

Under no circumstances should any student provide their logon and password to any other party or person.

Beware of Scams

We have become aware of a scam targeting international students who are offered a discount to have their tuition fees paid on their behalf by another party. This scam offers to negotiate a reduced fee with the university requiring the student to provide their student logon and password to the scammer to enable payment of their fees for the discounted amount.

The student then pays the scammer the discounted amount and payments are made to the university using multiple stolen credit cards which when disputed by the credit card holder results in these payments being reversed leaving the student with the original outstanding fee plus bank dishonour fees.

If you are approached to have a discounted fee paid to the university it is likely this will be a scam. Approaches may come from other students who have unwittingly been caught in the scam or via direct contact through social media.

Under no circumstances should any student provide their logon and password to any other party or person as this is the only way you can be certain your information is secure.

If you think you have been caught by this scam please immediately change your password and advise the university at StudentFinance.Enrolment@unisa.edu.au so we can check and see if this has occurred.