Arriving for your graduation ceremony


You need to arrive at the Kaurna Building, located on Hindley Street opposite Pridham Hall, at the time shown on the myInformation page in myGraduation to ensure you can register and be gowned before entering Pridham Hall to participate in the graduand briefing, all of which are essential to ensuring your graduation runs smoothly. It will also help us to ensure your name is read in the correct order, and that you receive the right parchment.

Ushers will direct you to the registration area in the Kaurna Building. The entrance to the Kaurna Building is on the city side of the building down from Hindley Street. Please do not jeopardise the success of the ceremony for you and your fellow students by arriving late. Unfortunately late arrivals may not be able to participate in the ceremony.


After you have registered and received your seating ticket, please proceed to the gowning room which is located in the Kaura Building behind the registration area. UniSA staff will provide you with directions. Gowns are available in various sizes and our staff will assist you with sizing. You will also wear a hood or stole in the colour of your academic discipline, and a mortarboard.

Graduand briefing

Approximately 45 minutes before your ceremony you need to be at Pridham Hall for the announcement to enter and be seated in presentation order (separate from your guests). You will then be given a ceremony briefing so you know what to expect during the ceremony, and what you will need to do.

Further information about your graduation ceremony is available in myGraduation, then myInformation, or please visit the ceremony information online.