Offshore student forms

Are you studying with us offshore? Find forms for academic review, admissions, credit enrolment, exams, graduations, appeals and more.

Academic Review

Academic Review Action Plan (PDF 220KB)

Appeal to Preclusion Appeals Committee against Preclusion (PDF 178KB) 

Appeal to Student Appeal Committee against Preclusion (PDF 150KB) 


Application for Cross Institutional studies (PDF 1170KB)


Request to Course Coordinator for Review of Final Grade (PDF 39KB)

Request to Executive Dean for Review of Final Grade (PDF 181KB)

Appeal to Student Appeals Committee against Review of Final Grade (PDF 204KB) 

Appeal to Student Appeals Committee against Academic Misconduct (PDF 136KB)


Application for Credit (PDF 180KB)
This form is to be completed by offshore students wishing to gain credit from previous studies at a recognised training institution other than the University of South Australia.


Exams and Assessments

Application for Secondary Assessment (PDF 313KB)
This form is to be completed by offshore students who believe that unexpected or exceptional circumstances significantly affected their performance in the final examination/assessment item or their ability to attend the exam or submit the final assessment by the due date.


Graduations and transcripts

Academic Transcript and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) form (PDF 225KB)

Personal details/Program changes

Request for Personal Details Change (PDF 204KB)

Internal Transfer between University Programs (PDF 163KB)

Request to Change from Offshore to Onshore (PDF 240KB )


Leave/withdrawal from program

Application for Leave of Absence (PDF 215KB )

Application for Withdrawal from Program (PDF 180KB)