Off-Campus secondary exam arrangements for students studying a course internally

Please note: in accordance with Assessment Policy and Procedure APPM 6.6 Off-campus secondary examination arrangements for internal students.

  • Students studying a course internally are expected to be available for all examinations at the specified venue during the primary and secondary examination periods, irrespective of any conflict with a planned holiday or special event.
  • Internal students who meet the following criteria may apply to sit their secondary examination off-campus in their home country/state if:
    1. they are completing their final course of study; and
    2. they have a home address outside South Australia, as recorded on the student record system, and
    3. they cannot sit the secondary examination on campus due to extenuating circumstances

Off-campus secondary examination may also be available to internal students who are elite athletes or performing artists as defined on the University’s website if they have a training/sporting/rehearsing/performing commitment that prevents them from being present at the scheduled venue.  In such cases applications are not restricted to students completing their final course of study.

Students who meet the criteria for an Off-campus secondary examination can apply to sit their examination off-campus by lodging an Application for Off-campus secondary examination form with payment to Campus Central within five working days of being assigned a secondary examination.

For students granted a supplementary examination, the Application for Off-campus secondary examination form and payment must be lodged with Campus Central no later than five working days following result release for the relevant study period.

The administration charge to sit off campus is $150 per exam.

The University will arrange for all students to sit their exams at approved examination centres. The examination centre that you are allocated will be based on the home address that you have recorded.