Off-Campus secondary exam arrangements for students studying a course internally

This information does not apply for students wanting to defer or request special consideration for their exam.  If this is you, you need to complete the Application for Secondary Assessment (Online Form).


All students are expected to be available for all examinations at the specified date, time and location during the primary and secondary examination periods, irrespective of any conflict with a planned holiday or special event, or regular work commitment.

An off-campus secondary exam may be available to internal students who

  • are completing their final course of study; and
  • have a home address outside of South Australia, as recorded on MyUniSA; and
  • due to extenuating circumstances* cannot delay or rearrange their travel home in order to sit the secondary exam as scheduled

An off-campus secondary exam may also be available to internal students who are elite athletes or performing artists (as defined on the University’s website) if they have a training/sporting/rehearsing/performing commitment that prevents them from being present at the scheduled location. 

Eligible students must apply by lodging the prescribed Application for Off-campus secondary examination form with the Exams and Results team within five working days of the date of notification of the secondary exam, or five working days of the study period result release date, whichever is earlier.

Administration charges may apply.

*Examples of situations that would generally not be considered extenuating circumstances are holidays, special events (e.g. festivals or weddings), or other planned events.  If you are unsure as to whether your situation would be considered, please email for more personalised advice.


University policy relating to Off-campus secondary examination arrangements for internal students can be found in the Examination procedures section of the Assessment Policies and Procedures Manual  (