Car parking



AMENDMENTS: 7.12.1992; Schedule 1, Amendments to Car parking charges approved by council 1.12.1997; 7.12.2001

REFERENCE AUTHORITY: Chief Operating Officer, Director Facilities Management, Campus Facilities Managers, Facilities Coordinators

CROSS-REFERENCES: University By-Laws, University Parking Guidelines


The University recognises, within the limitations of campus configuration, that it is desirable to provide off-street parking to staff, students and visitors for convenience, occupational health and safety, and minimal impact on surrounding Council areas.

At the same time parking facilities are not supported by Commonwealth funding, and are necessarily a cost in provision to be met on the 'user pays' principle.

Accordingly the following Policy and Procedures provide for a uniform system for the administration, purchase of parking permits and consequent funding of maintenance and extension of car parking amenities consistent with demand.


1.1    The University has established, and will from time to time review, a system of parking permits for fee, which will operate across all of its campuses, and apply equally to each defined category of users. 

1.2    Revenue derived from the purchase of permits will be dedicated to the maintenance and development of parking amenities until such time as these amenities are deemed adequate for the demand placed upon them.

1.3    The University will apply its By-Laws as gazetted to ensure compliance with its regulations and maintenance of appropriate control of its facilities on each campus. 

1.4    The University does not treat parking as a right for all, but will use its best endeavours to provide a parking facility on an equitable basis to staff, students, and visitors. 


2. Allocation of permits

2.1    Adhesive stickers will be used as official University parking permits and they must be displayed in the passenger side windscreen. Permits will be allocated on a 'home' campus basis. All permits will be the same colour (excluding City East and City West campus Reserved and Unreserved permits) with the campus nominated on them. Reserved and Unreserved parking permits for the City East and City West campuses will be identified by a name and a different colour. 

2.2    Motorcycles are required to display a parking permit but no fee is applicable. 

2.3    Unreserved parks will be allocated on all campuses at a ratio which attempts to optimise usage and maximise the probability of locating a park. Permits will be distributed from the offices of Campus Central . 

2.4    Due to the high demand for parking places on the City East and City West campuses, allocation of permits will be treated differently from the non-city campuses. Staff allocations will be made by the Campus Facilities Manager to each Academic Unit. 

2.5    Staff and students will apply for permits on an 'application for parking permit' form. The form will be lodged at Campus Central, together with the relevant payment or undertaking to pay. Permits will be issued only upon payment. 

2.6    Staff permits will be usable between campuses. The permit will indicate the 'home' campus where the permit was issued. Parking is available, as defined in Section 3.3 of the Parking Guidelines, to all staff permit holders at all other University of South Australia campuses. It should be recognised that visitor parking areas are not available to Staff or Student Permit holders on any campus.

2.7    Student permits will be usable only between the non-city campuses - see paragraph 2.3 above. Parking is available to all student permit holders at the non-city campuses in the unreserved parking areas without incurring a penalty. 

3. Designated accessible parking for staff and students 

3.1    Spaces will be provided within limits of capacity and where possible within close proximity to the principal place of work or study for disabled staff and students. No fee is applicable to disabled parking permits.

3.2    The definition of 'disabled' will be that adopted by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

4. Staff parking on leased premises

The cost to staff of reserved parks on any of the premises leased by the University will be at the same rate as for staff located on campus sites. The number of parks provided to University staff on leased premises will be determined by the Chief Operating Officer.

5. Collaborative Research Centres 

Parking requirements of 'staff' occupying these facilities (ie research staff, voluntary workers) will be negotiated with the Campus Facilities Managers according to the circumstances of their operation and within the framework of this policy. 

6. Visitors and general public parking 

6.1    Provision will be made for the car parking needs of official visitors on non-city campuses. Car parking for visitors will be identified as dedicated areas. At City East and City West campuses there is no provision for visitor or adjunct staff parking. 

Visitors permits will be issued to visitors on official business at any of the non-city University campuses. These will be in the form of a card stating the date and time of the visit and the location of parking.

6.2    During periods of low usage (viz. Christmas/New Year) the unreserved parking area on the City East campus will be open for General Public Parking at a fee determined from time to time by University.

7. Car parking fees

The fee levels for parking permits are attached as Schedule 1 of this policy document. Fee levels will be adjusted from time to time with the approval of the University.

8. Payment for permits

All staff and students (other than disabled staff and students and staff and students with motorcycles) are required to pay for parking within University campus grounds.

Staff and students will lodge payment or an undertaking to pay immediately upon application for a permit. Application forms and accompanying payments are to be made at the offices of Campus Central.

9. Policing of car parks

The car parks will be policed by the designated service provider to the University on each campus.

10. Infringement notices

Infringement notices will be applied to persons breaching the parking by-laws. The costs applied on infringement notices are listed on Schedule 1 attached. These costs will be varied from time to time with the approval of the University.

11. Pursuing expiation fees

Expiation Fees will be managed by the designated Service Provider to the University. Offenders will be given 28 days to pay infringement notices. On failing to do this, a Final Notice including a late payment fee, will be forwarded with a request to pay within 28 days. Failure to do this will result in the matter being placed with the Fines and Enforcement Recovery Unit (from 3 February 2014).

The University of South Australia By-Laws allow for infringements to be recovered in a summary manner.

Schedule 1

1. Car parking fees

2. Infringement notice costs

The cost of expiation of parking infringements will be $25.00. Expiation of parking infringements in areas designated for disabled parking will be $50.00.