Appointment to the position of 'Laureate Professor'

POLICY NO: C - 27.0

DATE OF APPROVAL: 16 August 2005
Council Resolution 2005/5/4






The position of Laureate Professor is designed to recognise and reward a Professor of the University who is internationally acknowledged to be of the highest academic distinction.


1. Proposals for appointment of a Laureate Professor shall be made to the Vice Chancellor. Any proposal must come from a Professor of the University and must be accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae and rationale for such an appointment. Self nomination is not acceptable.

2. If the proposal for appointment is seen to have merit a committee shall be established. Membership of the committee will be:

a) The Vice-Chancellor;

b) The Pro Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation);

c) A Divisional Pro Vice Chancellor.

3. It shall be the function of the Committee to satisfy itself whether an appointment as a Laureate Professor is merited in the particular case. To do this it will examine the candidate's Curriculum Vitae and seek advice from distinguished international scholars about the eminence of the proposed appointee.

4. Exceptional distinction in scholarship is the only criterion for appointment. This may be demonstrated by:

a) Membership of one of the four learned academies or comparable organizations;

b) An impressive portfolio of major publications with international publishers and world class journals;

c) Internationally recognised prizes, awards, patents or honours.

5. The Committee will prepare a confidential report for Council only when appointment is recommended.

6. Appointment as a Laureate Professor will be for 5 years. Six months prior to the end of the fifth year, the performance of the appointee will be reviewed by the Committee, and if satisfactory, an appointment for an additional 5 year period may be recommended to Council.

7. A member of staff appointed as a Laureate Professor will hold the title Laureate Professor for the duration of the appointment to the position.

8. A member of staff who holds the title Laureate Professor at the time of retirement may be accorded the title of Emeritus Laureate Professor at the discretion of Council.

9. Laureate Professors carry a professorial salary plus a loading, which may be superannuable, to be determined by the Vice-Chancellor and dependent on the rules of the superannuation fund. In general, the salary will be consistent with that of a Federation Fellow.1

1Federation Fellowships were established by the Commonwealth Government in 2001. They are prestigious awards designed to develop and retain highly skilled researchers within Australia and attract such researchers from overseas. By providing an internationally competitive salary, Federation Fellowships support researchers of international renown to undertake and lead ground-breaking research of significant national benefit.