Contact by Team

Staff who are unsure which team they need to speak to should phone 1300 301 703 for assistance.

Applications and Admissions

Position Person Phone
Manager: Applications and Admissions Mark Nading 21214
Senior Buisness Analyst: Admissions Hayes Yeung 21652
Business Analyst: Admissions Ting Zhang 23964
Team Leader: Enquiries and Admissions (HDR) Allyson McAllister 20344
Graduate Research Advisor Elfriede Zwick 23424
Graduate Research Advisor Vicky Dudek 29961
Graduate Research Advisor Sue Coyle 20214
Graduate Research Advisor Igor Sefer 29962


Academic Services: On Campus

City East - Nursing, Allied Health, Pharmacy


Position Person Phone
Manager: Academic Services Maria Stavrinakis 22217
Project Officer Martin Manning 21820
Academic Officer Rebecca Graeber 21801
Academic Officer Julia Warley 21019

City West - Business and Law


Position Person Phone
Manager: Academic Services Lianne Gore 20056
Coordinator Tim Brooke-Smith 20182
Program Development Debbie Jarc 20303
Academic Officer Karena Rimmer 20705
Academic Officer

Lan Lac

Academic Officer

Emma Hughes

Academic Services Administrator 

Hwoi Duong


Magill - Education, Art, Design, Psyochological Sciences and Social Work


Position Person Phone
Manager: Academic Services Vanessa Morris 20336
Senior Academic Officer Beauty Nolan 20550
Senior Academic Officer Emma Lendrum  
Program Development Diana Nayler 20343
Academic Officer Maria Arena 20307

Mawson Lakes - Science, Technology and Engineering 

Position Person Phone
Manager: Academic Services Vacant   
Project Officer Linde Averay 23207
Program Development Gueck Tea 25264
Academic Officer Paul Maguire 25401
Academic Officer Liz Dowling 25058
Academic Officer Kelly Burt 25065


Campus Central City East

Position Person Phone
All staff and enquiries 20150
Team Leader: Campus Central Steve Anderson 20340
Student Service Advisor Arisa Stone  
Student Service Advisor Bec Thornton  
Student Service Advisor Carly Branson  
Student Service Advisor Claire Redfern  
Student Service Advisor Gino Snidero  
Student Service Advisor John Tearle  
Student Service Advisor Georgette Tedesco  
Student Service Advisor Marija Barelds  

Campus Central City West

Position Person Phone
All staff and enquiries 20150
Team Leader: Campus Central Kelly Newton 22667
Senior Student Service Advisor Noemi Llamas Gomez  
Student Service Advisor Jane Roberts  
Student Service Advisor Karen Davis  
Student Service Advisor Cherae Smith  
Student Service Advisor Maja Angus  
Student Service Advisor Amy Brown  
Student Service Advisor Ben Felix  
Student Service Advisor Ryan Colsey  
Student Service Advisor Julia Yablonska  
Student Service Advisor Alyssa Grdovic  
Student Service Advisor Samuel Williams  

Campus Central Magill

Position Person Phone
All staff and enquiries 20150
Team Leader: Campus Central Matt Golotta 24613
Student Service Advisor Mel Sharland  
Student Service Advisor Ramneet Kaur  
Student Service Advisor Rowan Mitchell  
Student Service Advisor Michael Villa  
Student Service Advisor Lidiana Bottin  
Student Service Advisor Nathan Yin  

Campus Central Mawson Lakes

Position Person Phone
All staff and enquiries 20150
Team Leader: Campus Central Prue Wood 23448
Student Service Advisor Amanda Ladegourdie  
Student Service Advisor Amber van den Akker  
Student Service Advisor Karen Felix  
Student Service Advisor Mark Prevost  
Student Service Advisor Katrina Miller  
Student Service Advisor Chris Pearce  

Campus Central Mt Gambier

Position Person Phone
All staff and enquiries 20150
Team Leader: Campus Central Michelle Greene 28933
Student Service Advisor Meg Martlew  
Student Service Advisor Yasmina Tadic  
Student Service Advisor Rachael Bryant  
Student Service Advisor Ryan Colsey  

Campus Central Whyalla

Position Person Phone
UniSA enquiries 20150
OUA enquiries 26145
Team Leader: Campus Central Theona Labuschagne 26106
Student Service Advisor Rachel Holland  
Student Service Advisor Katherine Colyer  

Exams and Results

Position Person Phone
Enquiries - Exams  22755
Manager: Exams and Results Michelle Brereton 21945
Business Analyst: Exams and Results Bernadette Eyre 22506
Examinations Officer Cathy Agar 21766
Examinations Officer Kimberley Taylor 21763
Examinations Officer Skye Stephens 22597

Exams and Results Advisor

Bernie Checkley 21947

Exams and Results Advisor

Lina Maney 23956

Exams and Results Advisor

Nina Skrinnikoff 21497
Business Analyst: Exams and Results Rachel Bageas 21743
Business Analyst: Exams and Results Therese Kocadag 27151

Graduations and Records

Position Person Phone
Enquiries - Graduations  
Enquiries - Offshore  
Manager: Graduations and Records Anthony Knoblauch 21216
Business Analyst: Graduations and Records Harpreet Sandhu 21217
Graduations and Records Advisor Lauren Hankinson 22044
Graduations and Records Advisor Llewy Smith 21617
Graduations and Records Officer Lynda van den Akker 21349

Programs and Academic Policy

Position Person Phone
Enquiries - Policy  
Manager: Programs and Academic Policy Clare Caruana 26422
Academic Program Approval  
Senior Business Analyst: Programs and Courses Brian Quick 26602
Digital Communications Officer David McGarry 21932
Administrative Officer: Programs and Courses Debbie Green 22745
Statutory Reporting Officer Leah Gentner 21937
Senior Business Analyst: Statutory Reporting Maryann Morrison 21215
Business Analyst: Programs and Courses Paul Kohn 29022
Policy and Project Officer Ruth Ashenden 22186

Scholarships and Candidature

Position Person Phone
Enquiries - Graduate Research Scholarships and Candidature 25880
Enquiries - Scholarships and Prizes 21697
Unit Enquiries 22618
Manager: Scholarships and Candidature Sonia Turton 22303
Unit Executive Officer Brooke Zabrowarny 21179
Administration Officer

Claire McNamara

Scholarships and Prizes Officer

Geraldine Mendoza

Business Analyst: Scholarships

Jenny Zhang

Team Leader: Candidature (Graduate Research) Kelly Martin 25069
Graduate Research Advisor: Candidature Louise Jennings 25240
Finance/Administration Officer Michelle Allen 22270
Scholarships Officer Penny Jones 22198
Business Analyst: Graduate Research Scholarships Sara Balar 20341
Scholarships and Candidature Officer Tina Ellis 21765

Student Administration

Position Person Phone
Manager: Campus Central Paul Williams 22627
Process Analyst: Student Administration Cassie Cleland 21931
Process Analyst: Student Administration Matt Kelly 20898
Student Administration Advisor Rajna Radic 21395

Student and Academic Services

Position Person Phone
Project Officer Vicky Liao 22192

Student and Academic Services Directors


Position Person Phone
Director: Student and Academic Services Richard Irons 22244
Deputy Director: Academic Services Tania Kanellos 22624
Deputy Director: Student Services Vanessa Matthews 22305

 Student Finance and Timetabling

Position Person Phone
Enquiries - Student Finance and Enrolment  21112
Enquiries - Timetabling  
Manager: Student Finance and Timetabling Michael Lentakis 22474
Timetabling Officer Anja van Vliet 21597
Senior Business Analyst: Student Finance and Enrolment Anna Clarke 21151
Senior Business Analyst: Class Timetable Con Mavris 22744
Business Analyst: Student Finance Daranee Kirchner 21647
Student Finance and Enrolment Officer Jane O'Brien 22190
Student Finance and Enrolment Officer Jasmeet Kaur 21753
Student Finance and Enrolment Officer John Sibly 21898
Student Finance and Enrolment Officer Kira Austin 21397
Student Finance and Enrolment Officer Melinda Dietrich 21686
Team Leader: Student Finance and Enrolment Natalie Stuckings 20006
Student Finance and Enrolment Officer Thong Phan 21174

 System Development, Integration and Reporting

Position Person Phone
Enquiries - Student Data and Report  
Enquiries - Student Systems Access  
Enquiries - General  
Manager: System Development, Integration & Reporting Matt Barton 22743
Information Analyst: Data Management (Reporting) Roger Lante 21755
Project Officer Kim Hofmeyer 23634
Project Officer Victoria Shannon 21072
Student Reporting Officer Shaun Lees 22153