Program and Course Development Resources (Staff Only)

The following resources have been developed to assist users in understanding the Program Development lifecycle and assist them in producing high quality Program and Course Documentation.

Process Maps

The following document provides a step by step guide to follow when you want to make a program or course change. It also includes a list of the professional staff in your area who are the key users of PCMS. They can assist you in navigating the process. 

The following process maps have been created to assist with understanding the steps and roles involved in the Program and Course Development Lifecycle:


To assist in the creation of Program documentation, an Exemplars Directory has been created that lists each section of PNS / Program / Course documentation and links to useful examples of the information that should be captured in each section.

Amendment Page Matrix

An Amendment Page Matrix has been created that lists the sections that are displayed for each of the different amendment types available for Programs, Courses and Major, Sub-Major, Minors (MSMs).


A Timelines Template has been created for use by Divisions so that meetings can be set up to flow from one committee to the next, and to ensure that papers for each of the committees are completed in time. Timeline templates exist for:

  • New Programs
  • Major Program Amendments
  • Minor Program Amendments
  • Major Course Amendments

Stakeholder Consultation

This document describes the Stakeholder Consultation/Notification Process used for all amendment types in the Business School, and contains examples. This may be useful to other divisions.

Course Development

Please refer to the following links for assistance with Course Development:

The following documentation has also been created to assist with New Course Development within the Business School.

School Ownership Changes

School ownership changes must be requested prior to 1st October if they are to apply from 1st January the following year. If a school ownership change is requested after 1st October (after enrolments have opened), students are impacted as follows:

  • the students need to be withdrawn from the classes
  • the timetable must then be deleted from Syllabus+ and interface run to flag the classes as “cancelled” in Medici
  • manually delete the cancelled classes from Medici
  • update Syllabus+ data manually and change the ownership (course and teaching component data)
  • recreate the timetable again in Syllabus+ with a new series of classes and send them back to Medici to then pick up the new school owner
  • manually re-enroll students or have them re-enroll themselves

School ownership changes must be approved by both Heads of School, and are to be emailed to