Results Entry

Information for students is available through Campus Central.
Please visit the following link for details: Results Release

Information for Academic and Professional staff is available below.

Academic staff are responsible for the entry and approval of final marks and grades.  Results can be recorded in the Result Entry web application via Moodle, directly into the web application or by uploading results via a formatted spreadsheet. They can also be entered directly in the grade roster via Medici.

The Result Entry web application has two levels of access:

  • Staff with Grade access allows for results to be entered and amended and the Result Entry page to be saved as Not Reviewed, or Ready for Review. 
  • Staff with Approve access can additionally approve the Results Entry page and the results it contains. This authorizes the release of results to students. 

The level of access for each staff member is a School-based decision. 

When results have been saved as approved in the Result Entry web application, they are picked up by an overnight batch process and posted to the students record (and released to the student via myUniSA). The results can also be manually posted via the grade roster in Medici. 

Important Dates

Incompletes and blanks

The assignment of an F grade is scheduled to occur in March each year for blank and incompletes on student records for the year before last.

Accessing Result Entry

The Result Entry interface can be accessed via the myTeaching pillar of the staff portal. If you experience any problems relating to access, please contact your School Timetabler.

Secondary Assessments

The Secondary Assessment process has been introduced to replace the X notion, the separate enrolment and grade entry in SUP and DEF classes, and the suppression rule.

A Secondary Assessment can be recorded in Medici as one of the following:

  • deferred examination 
  • deferred assessment 
  • special consideration examination 
  • special consideration assessment
  • supplementary examination
  • supplementary assessment

Result Entry Deadline (RED) Dates

When granting a secondary assessment, the timeline in which the student will undertake this is automatically allocated to the next examination period.

This timeline is referred to as the Result Entry Deadline (RED) date.  By default, the RED date is the official result release date of the next available examination period.

In most cases this will not need to be altered, unless directed by the Course Coordinator. Offshore programs or postgraduate courses may be affected by exams outside the standard timeframe.

If an extension is granted, a new result entry deadline will need to be selected and a reason for the extension will need to be provided (this will be recorded on Medici). 

Result Entry Deadline dates can be referenced from the "RED Dates YYYY' table located in the left menu, listed under Results.


Results entry troubleshooting and support (Staff access only)


Assessment and Results (Assessment Policy and Procedures Manual)

For further result entry support, Academic and Professional staff are welcome to contact the team at