International Research Tuition Scholarships (IRTS)

The International Research Tuition Scholarship (IRTS) provides a fee waiver for high-quality international applicants who have living stipend support from external sources.

The IRTS scheme is uncapped.  IRTS can be offered as a result of an application made in a main scholarship round, but it is intended to be used for applicants who apply at any time of the year.

IRTS nominees must have their living stipend funded by an external resource.  This can be:

  • Funding that the University has received from an external body (grant or payment), that we pay directly to the student.  To be used for an IRTS any external agreements must be fully completed.
  • Funding from an external body that the external body awards directly to the student (industry or other institution, including externally funded scholarships)
  • Self funded stipend.  The student will be required to provide evidence of their ability to self fund

Note that all IRTS applicants are fully assessed, and must reach a minimum score of 80.  This can include additional points, but note that the additional points must be awarded in alignment with standard policy.