Establishing and Advertising Scholarships

This information is for external funding bodies and supervisors who want to set up a scholarship for higher degree by research (HDR) students.


How to set up a scholarship

HDR scholarships are either:

  1. Funded by an external funding body for the purpose of a named scholarship
  2. Funded internally (eg from school funds or project funds).

Research degree scholarships benefits and conditions

1. Externally funded scholarships

Externally funded scholarships require an agreement between the University of South Australia and the external funding body before an offer can be made.

A scholarship agreement must be in place before the scholarship can be offered. The agreement will need to be reviewed by the Contracts Execution and Grants Management team in Research and Innovation Services. A signed copy will need to be provided to Scholarships and Candidature at the time an offer of scholarship is to be made.

Any deviations from the signed agreement will require written agreement by both parties accepting the alterations before the scholarship offer can be made. This may be in the form of an amendment or email correspondence.

When a suitable candidate has been identified the New scholarship offers form (PDF file) should be completed by the Cost Centre Manager where funds are held.

2. Internally funded scholarships (includes school funded)

Complete the New scholarship offers form  when the recipient of the award has been identified.

The main requirement of this form is that a cost centre is established and the scholarship is authorised by the cost centre manager. It is also a requirement that any scholarship benefits and conditions are fully detailed in the new scholarship offer form. Please do not write "reference signed agreement".

If the recipient has not yet been identified and you would like to advertise the scholarship, please complete the Advertising a HDR scholarship form (see below).

 Form to complete electronically: New scholarship offer form

Form to print : New scholarship offer form

Contacts and more information

For more information on establishing a scholarship, please contact

Advertising the scholarship

An agreement, signed by all parties, must be in place before an externally funded scholarship can be advertised.

This agreement ensures the funding is secured and any advertised scholarship will be supported. The University is at risk of providing false or misleading information if it advertises before a signed agreement is in place and any advertised scholarship is or becomes unavailable.

Under Australian Consumer Law it is an offence to make false claims or engage in deceptive or misleading conduct. Student and Academic Services advises all parties to ensure funding is secured prior to advertising, and to use clear, unambiguous and conservative language to promote the scholarship.

Scholarships should be advertised on the University's Research Degrees – Scholarships website to enable prospective and current students to find the scholarship when using UniSA's  scholarship search tool.

You will be emailed once the scholarship is advertised.

Process for advertising a scholarship on on the UniSA website / scholarship search tool:

  1. Complete the Advertising a research degree scholarship form  and return to
  2. Student and Academic Services, Scholarships and Candidature team will add this information to the UniSA Research Degrees website. It will be advertised for 60 days.

Contacts and more information

For more information on advertising a scholarship, please contact