University of South Australia Donor Charter

The University of South Australia celebrates its philanthropic community. We deeply value that our donors and volunteers share our vision of equity and excellence in education and research.

UniSA seeks to build lifelong partnerships with our supporters and together we seek to achieve meaningful change. Our donor charter defines our responsibility and commitment to each supporter:

To act with integrity, transparency, and respect

  • Staff, students, and volunteers representing the University will identify their association with UniSA when contacting current and potential donors.
  • UniSA staff will act professionally and in line with the University’s Code of Ethical Conduct when engaging with our community.
  • UniSA will keep accurate and transparent financial records, publish financial statements annually and share promptly where statements are requested.
  • UniSA accepts gifts that are aligned with our mission, values and strategic intent which support projects that can be delivered in an ethical, efficient, and effective manner. The University may decline an offer of support where these criteria cannot be met.

To use gifts effectively and ethically

  • UniSA will respect the wishes of each donor and will take the greatest care to honour donor intentions for the use of the gift.
  • In the unlikely event that a gift’s purpose can no longer be fulfilled, the University will make every effort to seek a renewed decision on applying the gift from the donor or the donor's representative. Where this is not possible, UniSA will apply the gift closely to its original purpose as is feasible.
  • Gifts that are unrestricted in their purpose will be used to support the University’s greatest need to advance education and research.

To be accountable for the privacy of donors

  • Personal information is stored by UniSA for stewardship and fundraising purposes. We respect our donors right to privacy.
  • UniSA will make every endeavour to safeguard our systems from interference.
  • UniSA will respect donor wishes of anonymity where this has been expressed.

To recognise and acknowledge donors and celebrate our philanthropic community

  • Each donor will receive an acknowledgment from UniSA to thank them for their support. For monetary gifts, donors will receive an official University of South Australia gift receipt.
  • UniSA will contact donors to provide updates on the impact of their gift.

UniSA is deeply grateful to our supporters. Thank you.