Cleaning Schedule

General cleaning includes the cleaning of the following facilities:

  • Rooms, corridors, stairways and entrance lobbies;
  • Floors, carpets, walls, doors, partitions and ceilings;
  • Internal windows (external windows annually), window ledges, mirrors and glass;
  • Furniture, fixtures, vents. Ceiling fans, air-conditioning vents and other fittings;
  • Toilets, bathrooms, washbasins and showers;
  • Internal rubbish receptacles (domestic);
  • Paths, steps, landings, ramps and entrances, handrails, covered walkways and verandas;
  • External walls (up to 1.2m), balconies and eaves;
  • External work areas (work to include patios, pergolas etc);
  • Offices, workshops and computer rooms.

For more detailed information regarding the university cleaning services please see the UniSA Cleaning Services Agreement.