Work Health and Safety

Hazard and Incident Reporting

Prompt reporting of hazards and incidents is a key responsibility for all staff and students. If you, or someone that you are aware of, have been injured as a result of an incident or if you identify a hazard, near miss or event that could have potentially caused injury, it is important that you log an online Hazard and Incident Report so that the correct course of action can be put in place to provide timely injury management and to minimise the risk of further harm.  The following are just some of the key points to consider:

  • Logging an online report provides the means by which the injury management process is initiated, providing the injured party with timely support and guidance through the injury and claims management process.
  • UniSA students and non-UniSA staff are encouraged to report incidents to their UniSA supervisors or colleagues who may log an incident on their behalf. There may also be a requirement to report to your own employer if you are working in a UniSA facility.
  • The reporting process is confidential. Only those staff members whom you nominate as investigators, key senior staff in your work group and the Safety and Wellbeing Team are able to receive and view reports.
  • The reporting process is for capturing incidents which result in or may have caused injury. Damage or faults related to buildings and infrastructure can be reported through a Customer Service Request or directly to FM Assist staff.
  • Notifiable incidents are those which have or may have potentially resulted in serious personal injury or fatality. When you log a report, the Safety and Wellbeing Team will review the circumstances to determine whether the incident is notifiable to external regulators.
  • If in doubt, speak with your supervisor or the Division Senior WHS Consultant, who can advise on logging an incident. You never know, your report might not be the only one of its type and can highlight a trend requiring a more comprehensive investigation.

The following link to the Health and Safety Online Incident Reporting Guide provides a more detailed overview of the reporting process.

What I need to know about Incident Reporting?

Trevor Drew

Division Senior WHS Consultant