Highlights and achievements

Grants and funding

A number of School PhD students received awards at this year's Scholarships and Grants Ceremony held in May: 

Chelsea Thorn is the recipient of the Maurice de Rohan International Scholarship, the Gould Experimental Science Encouragement Prize, and a BUPA Health Research Grant.

Hayley Schultz is the recipient of the BPW Adelaide Heather Southcott Memorial Grant.

Jack Janetzki is the recipient of the Gould Experimental Science Research Grant.

Julian Carosi is the recipient of the UniSA Research Degree Excellence Grant. 

Awards and Achievements

Jason White was conferred as Emeritus Professor at the April Graduation Ceremony in recognition of his distinguished service to the University. 

Michael Ward has been invited to join the International Scientific Program Committee for the Pharmaceutical Science World Congress of the International Pharmaceutical Federation to be held in Montreal in 2020.

Emily Reeve was awarded the prize for best rapid-fire presentation at the Frontiers of Science - Redefining Healthy Ageing Together conference held in Adelaide in April.

Emily Reeve was plenary speaker at the Houston Medication Safety Symposium in Houston, TX in April 2019. 

Media Highlights

Radio stations including 5AA, 2GB, 3AW, The Adelaide Advertiser, and a range of health publications and media outlets report on research by Libby Roughead and Kerrie Westaway suggesting antidepressant or opioid use more than doubles the risk of a fall and hip fracture in older people.

Australian PharmacistAustralian Doctor, The Australian Journal of Pharmacy and 4 radio stations report on research by UniSA’s Quality use of Medicines and Pharmacy Research Centre suggesting as many as 13,000 Australians each year may develop opioid dependency following surgery.

Craig Williams talks to ABC Radio Adelaide about treatment for bites by sandfly and other insects. The interview also features on ABC Riverland.

Stephen Fricker appears on ABC Riverland Breakfast to discuss citizen science, including ongoing projects like Mozzie Monitor and Pollinator Count.

Evangeline Mantzioris appears on 5AA to discuss a Roy Morgan study finding 8.6 million Australians buy butter each month compared to five million choosing margarine. Dr Mantzioris says butter’s popularity stems from its prevalence in cooking shows and its taste, which many people prefer.

Evangeline Mantzioris appears on ABC TV News Breakfast to discuss the recent boom in the consumption of snail meat. Dr Mantzioris says Australians are actively seeking more environmentally friendly protein.

Stockhead reports Australia is behind other parts of the world when it comes to personalised medicine. The article notes research by Vijay Suppiah suggesting the Australian healthcare system could save billions of dollars “wasted each year through unsafe and ineffective drug prescriptions”.

Evangeline Mantzioris writes a Conversation piece discussing how to get the nutrients you need without eating as much red meat. “The planetary health diet was developed by researchers to meet the nutritional needs of people around the world, while reducing food production’s environmental impact. It recommends reducing our red meat intake to around 14g a day. That’s around 100g of red meat a week.”

Sally Plush appears on ABC Gippsland Breakfast to discuss a new technique for removing PFAS pollution from water. The innovation also features in the Darwin Sun.