Academic Classification Standards

The above below may assist with the development of positions descriptions, selection criteria, individual workload models and performance and development plans of Academic Staff. These documents capture the current practices and corporate priorities used by the University to allocate work value to academic and research classifications.

The documents should be read in conjunction with the Minimum Standards for Academic Levels (MSAL) and with reference to the local Academic Workload model of the relevant school, unit or institute. The documents have been developed to explain and expand the MSAL but they do not replace them. The MSAL can be found at Schedule 6 of the University of South Australia Enterprise Agreement 2014.

The standards have been developed as a management and recruitment guide only and are not prescriptive. It is recommended that all academic position descriptions are complete (ie – include all relevant details and selection criteria relevant to the position and the classifications) and therefore these documents should guide in the development of position descriptions but should not be attached to the position description when advertising the position.

Each document compares the academic levels in the following areas:

  • Minimum skill base;
  • Leadership;
  • Teaching and teaching related activities;
  • Student contact;
  • Administration and other academic activities;
  • Research; and
  • Scholarship

When engaging casual academic staff, managers should apply similar consideration of the academic minimum standards. The Employment of Academic Staff document should provide an additional guide to minimum qualifications standards for casual academic staff.

For more information on the minimum requirements of academic staff classifications and developing position descriptions please refer to: