Women’s Development Program

The University of South Australia is committed to the continual development of its staff and is proud to offer a range of opportunities for women to drive their development in a connected and supportive manner.

As we Cross the Horizon and begin the journey to Enterprise 25, the People team are working to transform our face to face professional development offerings to better meet the next stage of our University's ambitions, build core staff attributes and foster the long-term growth of our people.

Programs are designed and facilitated by external practitioners expert in their field, with an intention to create an environment where learning outcomes, conversations and key initiative are related to the University’s ideal culture.

Women attending will benefit from the development strategies introduces along with building important networking connections for future mentoring prospects.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with Sarah Hardy, Administrative Officer: People Development and Performance or email us at Womens.Development@unisa.edu.au if you need any more information.