Project Management Forum

The Project Management Forum was established in 2018 with the aim to bring together operational staff engaged in project management activities from across the University and provide them an opportunity for networking, to share best practice and develop their project management abilities. 

Through this forum the OSP hopes to bring together the community of UniSA practitioners to promote and share best practice approaches in project management and delivery. 

This forum is open to professional staff at all levels who are engaged in project management activities across the University. 


Three Project Management Forums were held in 2018 and this will continue every 3 months in 2019. The forums are rotated between campuses, providing an opportunity for staff at all campuses to attend. 


The agenda is put together by the OSP team with input from attendees on agenda items. Attendees are also encouraged to promote and share current projects they are working on.  

For more information please contact an OSP team member.